7 Branch Menorah for sale

7 Branch Menorah For Sale

The Menorah is an ancient lampstand or candelabra that has much significance in Judaism. The present-day seven-branch Menorah for sale also has reference to it as an item made of gold in the Bible. Besides, it is used in the Judaic temple of Jerusalem.

In Judaism, it is highly revered, and it symbolizes universal enlightenment. Like another sacred Judaic lucky charm, the evil eye, the Menorah is also regarded in high esteem by the Jews as its seven lamps symbolize human knowledge. Some other facts on the object are also discussed here.

How many candles are on a Menorah?

As on date, at most places, we can find the seven-branch Menorah for sale. But some of them can also have nine branches. The seven-branch Menorah is the temple menorah, whereas the nine branch menorah is related to the Chanukah festival of the Jews.

Even in Christianity, ‘The Book of revelation’ in ‘The New Testament’ mentions seven lampstands made of gold that depicts its seven churches. Therefore, a menorah can have either seven or nine branches, depending on the purpose for which it is used, although the one with seven branches is more popular.

Menorah facts

In Hebrew, the word ‘menorah’ means ‘lamp,’ and just like the Hamsa meaning, it is also held in high esteem. In ancient times, the lamp was used by the Jews in the desert at the time of their wandering period, and afterward, it was placed in the temple.

The Menorah was made of gold, and it had seven branches in it. Ancient scriptures use consecrated olive oil to light the flame so that it lights from evening till morning. 

It is also closely associated with the Jewish festival of Chanukah, but the Talmud prohibits the seven lamp menorah usage outside the temple. Thus, the Chanukah menorah has nine branches. Additionally, many synagogues display a menorah or its artistic representation in modern times.  

Chanukiah versus Menorah

There are some prominent differences between the temple menorah and the Chanukah menorah. First of all, the temple menorah has seven branches, while the Chanukah menorah has nine. 

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The Chanukah menorah is lighted outside the home, whereas the temple menorah is lit indoors.

The holy temple menorah was lighted during the day, whereas the Chanukah menorah is lit after sunset. 

People who wonder, ‘what is Judaica’ can see a temple menorah created from gold whereas any fire-proof material can be used to make the Chanukah menorah. Thus, it is an excellent type of Judaica for the Jews. 

When do you light the Menorah?

The Jewish people light the Menorah, especially during Chanukah. During the first night of the eight-day festival, one light is lit. This light should be on the Menorah’s right side. On the second night, another light is lit just on the first’s left-hand side, and it is put on first. Likewise, by placing candles from right to left and lighting one by one from left to right, one can light the Menorah during the eight holy nights. 

It is a belief that Chanukah lights should burn after sunset for a minimum of half an hour. The custom of lighting is after sunset, although many people may prefer lighting it later at night.

Where to buy a Menorah?

The Menorah has become such a popular item due to its Judaica values that the seven-branch Menorah for sale can be available at many places. One can get it at many brick and mortar shops in different sizes, designs, and colors. Additionally, many online shops sell this item at attractive rates. Anyone can select from them and make a good purchase.

World’s Largest Menorah

The largest Menorah in the world is in New York, USA. It is located in Manhattan’s 59th street at Fifth Avenue near Central Park. The height of the largest Menorah is 32 feet, and it weighs 4,000-pounds. The Israeli sculptor, Yaacov Agam, built it. 

menorah images
The largest Hanukkah menorah in New York, 36 foot, 4,000 pound menorah, organized by Chabad-Lubavitch, was certified by Guinness World Records as the largest in the world (credit: Chabad)

Due to its towering height, a crane is used to light it so that each person can go to the top and participate in the lighting process. Also, they play Jewish music on these occasions. 

Menorah coloring pages

People can get different types of menorah coloring pages from the internet as per choice. The same is also available at many bookstores and even in schools. Many types of children’s menorahs can provide them with good company. They can be ideal for drawing as it can fill seven or nine different colors on the candles.

Therefore, they can look stunning. Various types of menorah designs are readily available on the web, and taking their printout for coloring can be an excellent choice for kids. 

Menorah coloring pages
Coloring Pages for Hanukkah - Click for details!
Judaica Wall art prints
Jewish art designs - Click for details!

Knesset Menorah

It is a large menorah that is 4.30 meters tall and with a width of 3.50 meters. It very closely resembles the candelabrum of the temple in Jerusalem. The structure has been made from bronze, and its weight is 4 tons. This Menorah is situated on the rim of GanHavradim or the Rose Garden just across the Knesset.

7 branch menorah
7 Branch Menorah near Israel Knesset (Parliament) - Credit: Djampa

Benno Elkan was a Jewish sculptor who designed it after being motivated by the Jewish holy books. It was gifted on 15th April 1956 by the Parliament of the United Kingdom to the Knesset to commemorate the eighth year of Israel’s independence. 

Menorah for sale

Among the different types of Jewish symbols, the Menorah stands out exclusively due to its stunning and exquisite looks. Thus, one can find a lot of 7 branch menorah for sale at many places at all times of the year. Especially during Chanukah, their sale tends to peak due to the high demand at the time.

However, otherwise, also, they are very much adored in the Jewish and Christian communities due to ancient significance. Many types of menorahs are now available online so that people can get their favorite designs at the click of a mouse.  

Electric Menorah

There are many electric menorahs for sale, but on their usage, the house seems divided. It has its roots in the Chanukah festival. People celebrate this festival for the Hasmonean family’s win over the Greeks. They pour a small amount of oil in the Menorah as a mark of celebration. However, a miracle happened, and a single day’s oil lasted for eight full days.  

Thus, the mitzvah is that a pure type of fuel has to be used, and an actual flame should be kindled. Electric Menorah fulfills none of these requirements. So Jews limit its use.

Vintage Electric Jewish Menorah
Blue & Silver Premium Electric Menorah with Blue Bulbs - Click for details!
electric menorah with flickering bulbs
Modern Seven Light Candelabras
electric candles for menorah
LED Electric Hanukkah Menorah - Click for details!

Silver Menorah

Large Handmade Oxided 925 Sterling Silver Filigree Menorah - Click for details!

Menorahs are highly-desired items, and the silver Menorah is also very much in use. One can get various types of silver menorahs at stores and online shops to enliven a buying experience. 

Moreover, a silver menorah pendant is very much used by women as the small jewelry looks dashing and elegant on one’s neck.

These types of menorahs are also used as a home decorative item to adorn one’s home.

Hanukkah Menorah Silverplated
Classical Silver Menorah With Hammered Accents - Click for details!

Glass Menorah

By far, the glass menorah remains a very sought-after item due to its elegant looks. A 7 branch menorah in glass can look stunning and gorgeous because it can be available in many types of designs and shades. They are available at many stores and many online shops so that a good purchase can be made as per one’s choice.

fused glass menorah mold
Hanukiah Menorah Fused Art Glass - Click for details!
Hanukkah Menorah with Traditional Star with Colored Cups - Click for details!
Buy menorah
Blue Trapezoid Hanukkah Menorah - Click for details!

Dinosaur Menorah

In recent years, dinosaurs have captured people’s imagination so that dinosaur menorahs are also available now.

Different types of dinosaur menorah images are widely available over the net, and most of them feature the t-rex with nine candle holders on its back.

This type of Menorah also looks attractive and elegant.

Dinosaur Menorah - Click for details!

Children’s Menorah

Different types of children’s menorah items are now available to use the ancient candelabra in contemporary products. Train, xylophone, space shuttle, and sports-themed menorahs are only some products that one can get ready.

Children's Personalized Wood Alphabet Block Menorah - Click for details!

Apart from them, there are a lot of available designs that children can like to play with while at the same time they can also learn about its significance.

children hanukiyah
Children Hanukiyah - Click for details!
Children menorah
Fused Glass Rainbow Menorah - Click for details!

Tree of life Menorah

The ‘tree of life’ in Hebrew is called ‘EtzChaim,’ and it also mentions in the ‘Book of Proverbs.’ The tree of life is about wisdom, and different types of menorahs are also made using it.

The tree of life menorah is made so that there are nine branches of the tree so that candles or oil can be lit on them. Various types of designs are available in these tree of life menorahs so that people can easily pick the best that suits them.

Walnut Wood Tree of Life Hanukkah Menorah buy online
Walnut Wood "Tree of Life" Hanukkah Menorah - Click for details!
Tree of life menorah - Click for details!

LED Menorah

In the contemporary period, different types of menorahs have arrived in the market, out of which one is the LED Menorah. It is a unique menorah because there is no oil or candle in it as LEDs are fixed on the branches and can make for a perfect gift option. 

There are flame-shaped LEDs that glow at the push of a button and gradually move to the next light in the series. What’s more, they can be available in a range of choices for a customer.

Led menorah buy online
Led menorah - Click for details!
Led electric menorah - Click for details!

Brass Menorah

Menorahs made of brass are also very popular among a lot of people. These menorahs for sale are available in a variety of designs and sizes so that people can choose their favorite seven or nine branch menorah as per one’s wish.

These metal menorahs can look gorgeous in one’s home, and as a result, they are very much used as home décor items apart from being Judaic objects.

Tree of life brass menorah - Click for details!
Brass menorah buy online
Brass menorah - Click for details!

Modern Menorah

Many types of modern menorahs are widely available today, and people have ample opportunity to select the best as per their wish. The seven candle menorah can be available in many choices, and the nine branch menorah can also be selected among the many present options. They can also be available in custom or handmade designs to give a lot of flexibility to buy the product.

Colorful modern menorah
Colorful modern menorah - Click for details!
Kate Spade Oak Street modern Menorah
Kate Spade Oak Street Menorah - Click for details!

Oil Menorah

Vintage oil menorah - Click for details!

Oil menorahs are among the most highly desired menorahs that people like to buy because they convey a pure feel of the product as per ancient texts.

It is a menorah to buy due to its availability in a range of choices extending from a sculpted metal body to plain-looking pieces.

The best part is that you can light the candle or lamp as per your preference. 

oil menorah with glass cups
Extra Large Silver Plated Oil Menorah - Click for details!
Oil Menorah for Hanukkah - Click for details!

Kids Menorah

Different types of kid’s menorah items are widely available these days due to their high demand and popularity. They can be available in various designs, and one can also see menorahs cartoon together with them. Children can learn the significance of the item while at the same time, it can serve as a toy for them. There are also pencil stands cut out from them that resemble the structure very closely.  

Ambulance, Fire Truck, Police Car Menora for Kids - Click for details!

Wooden Menorah

At a lot of menorahs sale, one can see wooden menorahs. They design these menorahs by cutting wood exquisitely. These wooden menorahs look quite dazzling due to their superb finish and can also be available in many different types.

Unlike metal menorahs that can be more or less similar, wooden menorahs can have many types of shapes and designs. Moreover, their size can also vary significantly. Thus, one can shop wooden menorahs in a large price bucket that can be quite satisfying.

Wooden modern Menorah - Click for details!
Modern wooden Menorah for Hanukkah
Oak wood menorah - Click for details!

Menorahs from Israel

Menorahs from Israel are highly in demand, especially during the Chanukah, as these items from the holy land help remember their true worth. As a result, in many menorah chapels, these Judaic items can be found with abandon. They can also be available in silver, brass, pewter, or many other alternatives.

Handmade Chanukah menorah
Contemporary Menorah buy online
Contemporary Chanukah menorah

Golden Menorah

The golden Menorah of Jerusalem is the most popular Menorah due to its historical importance. It is the outcome of working on 60 kg gold, but people can also get small Menorah of gold to adorn their houses. Gold is the metal used in some of the first menorahs that resembled the original one in Jerusalem.  

Buy Golden Menorah
Golden Menorah from Israel - Click for details!
Golden menorah online shopping
12 Tribes of Israel Menorah - Click for details!

Battery operated Menorah

In recent times, battery-operated menorahs are becoming widespread as they are quite safe and offer ease of cleaning and use. Most have them have small LEDs fitted atop the branches to offer quite dazzling light when turned on. Compared to a traditional menorah, these have rechargeable batteries that last for a long time. 

Menorah art

Many Israeli artists have rendered their version of the Menorah, so that menorah art is trendy. There are many types of art pieces for sale, and you can also make your own Menorah as per color combination and background choice. Who knows, it can be the next desired menorah item!

Menorah art for sale
Colorful art Menorah (for Hanukkah) - Click for details!

Grav Menorah

It is certainly one of the menorahs to buy due to its lovely operational features. People who like to smoke can surely get hooked to it as it is a type of hookah. The smoke generated by the branches passes through the water. One can see all of this within its glass chamber. 

DIY Menorah

Do-it-yourself (DIY) menorahs are becoming very common nowadays due to the ease with which they can be made. You can even make your own Menorah by following some simple online advice, and children can also be kept engaged in this way.

Hanukkah Menorah DIY - Click for details!
diy menorah candle holder
DIY Menorah kit - Click for details!

Large Menorah

Many people desire to have a giant menorah for their property, and fortunately enough, these are available through some suppliers. These menorahs can look elegant at the entrance of one’s home, office, or any other place. One can customize it as per one’s choice, and hence, there can be many options to choose from. 

A large solid brass vintage Hanukkah menorah - Click for details!
Traditional oil Chanukah menorah
Traditional oil menorah - Click for details!

Disney Menorah

Disney menorah items feature Disney charactersand in the popular Jewish culture, they are trendy, especially among children. Thus, a menorah can be available featuring Mickey Mouse, Goofy, or Minnie Mouse, along with many other Disney characters that can lend it quite an attractive look.

disney menorah for sale
Disney Menorah - Click for details!

Antique Menorah

You can easily procure various types of antique menorahs by making a selection over the web. They can be available in brass, silver, and many other metal types for you to buy Menorah as per requirement. Antique menorahs are also highly desirable at museums and places of public importance due to their intrinsic value.

Antique Copper Seven Branch Menorah - Click for details!
Old city Jerusalem Menorah for Hanukkah - Click for details!

Ceramic Menorah

A 7 candlestick menorah can be available in ceramic option, and these types of menorahs look quite appealing. Different types of designs can be available in them with a lot of color combinations. Some of them result from a replica of structures in them, which can add to their beauty.

Unique menorah
Modern unique Hanukkah Menorah - Click for details!

The only precaution that you must take for them is to ensure that they do not get an excessive mechanical shock, or else they can break apart!

Hanukkah ceramic Menorah - Click for details!
Small menorah
Hanukkah ceramic Menorah - Click for details!

Vintage Menorah

Global buyers very much demand for antique menorahs or vintage menorahs due to the value that they hold. One can find these seven-branch menorahs for sale online as well as offline. They look elegant and beautiful because they are creations of metal.

Although, in some cases, other materials like ceramic or glass may also be a part of the process. They look the best as decorative or antique pieces to adorn a place or property.

Vintage Aluminum Candle Menorah
Vintage menorah -Click for details!
Menorah Copper plated with a vintage silver - Click for details!

Cheap Menorah

Before Chanukah, there is usually a rush to buy Menorah, and every household wants to lay their hands on it due to its cultural significance with the festival. Thus, one can expect to get many types of cheap Menorah as well as homemade Menorah during the period, and some of them can look quite pleasing despite their small price tag.

Mini menorah set buy online
Mini menorah set - Click for details!
Cheap menorah for Hanukkah - Buy online
Affordable menorah for Chanukah - Click for details!

Menorah necklace

A variety of menorah necklaces are available in the jewelry market. The popular designs include standalone, Menorah in a ring, Menorah within the Star of David, etc.

A small menorah pendant within a necklace is also very much sought-after because it can be made from different types of precious stones and metal. Moreover, you can decorate it with stones and emeralds, and that can provide a dazzling effect on the necklace. Thus, women like to wear them due to the many available choices. 

a menorah necklace
Israeli Menorah Pendant and Necklace Jewelry - Click for details!
Menorah Necklace with PALEO Hebrew Aleph-bet
Menorah Necklace Hebrew Aleph-bet - Click for details!
Menorah pendant shop
7 Branch Menorah pendant - Click for details!
14k gold menorah pendant
24k Gold Menorah pendant - Click for details!

Menorah drawing

Many types of menorah drawings are readily available for children. Besides, they can even learn to draw the structure on their own. Drawing it is not at all tough as simply by adhering to some basic drawing guidelines.

You can draw it easily. Additionally, the menorah Amazon kit is also available on the e-commerce site. Moreover, by using it, one can draw a menorah smoothly.

happy hanukkah coloring pages
Hanukkah coloring page - Click for details!

Virtual Menorah

It is an initiative by a game developer so that the seven-branch menorah is there on the virtual platform. A user can pick the candle color, place each candle in the branches, and select the burn duration. They can see the flames twinkle; also, one can install it on any digital device.

Thus, there is no risk of any burning by the candles or the Menorah getting dirty. People download the virtual Menorah a lot during the Chanukah. Thus, we have taken a look at the Menorah, its history, significance, and available options. It is a Jewish item of pride related to their ancient scriptures, and many societies worldwide have also endorsed it for its alluring look. Thus, one can keep a menorah at home as it helps in making a place look beautiful.

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