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I grew up as a Jew in the state of Israel. On my father’s side, I am the ninth generation in Israel and a descendant of the Polish rabbinical dynasty. On my mother’s side, I am a scion of Yemen’s Jews who immigrated to Israel in the 1920s.

Like many others in Israel, we are the product of ending the Jewish exile and establishing the state of Israel, a combination of Jews who have not met for nearly two thousand years but still share the same beliefs and traditions.

We are the miracle of Jewish resurrection after the attempted extermination of European Jews by the Nazi Germans and Jews and pogroms’ persecution in Muslim Arab countries.

We are the generation that grew up as independent Jews in an independent country with our own place, our rights, our culture, our religion, and our own independent life, without the mercy of any foreign government and without the need for security from rulers who saw us as temporary guests. We grew up to be independent, which made us normal and mostly fearless.

I have been religious for most of my life. At some point in time, I stopped practicing religious worship, but the Jewish religion continues to live within me and become part of my essence.

I learned the history of my people, Jewish principles, Jewish scriptures, philosophy, and Jewish law. These were all an integral part of my life. At the age of 18, I served in the army, as most of the Israelis in this age and same as my father was in the army before me, and my son was also a part of it when he turned 18.

While studying engineering at university, I continued to serve in the military and do reserve duty, like many of my generations.

As an Israeli and an engineer, I have also been a part of Israel’s high-tech industry and have worked for large American companies that invested in the State of Israel and established or expanded development centers that were here.

After 20 years of working in the High Tech industry of Israel, I can say that I have been exposed to many of its characteristics, the type of employees, and what drives this industry in Israel.

Yuval Bloomberg, owner of

Alongside my natural connection with the state of Israel, the Jewish people, Jewish culture, and Israeli culture (which is different from the Jewish culture), I define myself as an addict to East Asian cultures, India, China, Japan, Myanmar, Thailand, Nepal and other countries and cultures in this region.

Somehow everything connects with me, and I find quite a few similarities between Jewish / Israeli culture and Eastern Asian cultures, which is, of course, alongside cultural contrasts. These two natural tendencies led me to establish the website and

The ‘About Jewish People’ website aims to reach many people around the world, especially in India and the United States, who are very much interested in the Jewish people and the State of Israel. The site provides interesting content about the Jewish culture, the Jewish people, the State of Israel, Israeli culture, Israel technology, and traveling in Israel.

Besides the website, I have also set up a vibrant Facebook page, YouTube channel, Instagram account, and Pinterest. These are all aimed at providing different types of content to as many audiences as possible. I hope you will enjoy the content. I would love to hear from you in person through social media or WhatsApp.

Here is my number: +972 50 4029242

My Linkedin profile: Yuval Bloomberg 

Feel free to contact me. 

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