Biblical meaning of numbers

The Biblical Meaning Of Numbers

When studying various Bible topics, it is not difficult to find one interesting and instructive topic, which is the numbers in the Bible. The biblical meaning of numbers is not accidental but carefully designed. Each number has a specific spiritual meaning and is accompanied by symbolism given by the creator.

The Hebrew Bible, otherwise called Mikra (“what is perused”) or TaNaKh, an abbreviation alluding to the customary Jewish division of the Bible into Torah (Teaching), Nevi’im (Prophets), and Ketuvim (Writings), is the establishing archive of the individuals of Israel, portraying its sources, history and dreams of an equitable society. Hebrew numerology depends on how Hebrew numbers are generally composed by utilizing letters of the Hebrew letters in order.

The significance of Biblical numbers

In ancient Hebrew, all numbers are written in pronunciation. After the Jews were taken into captivity in Babylon for a while, they more or less adopted the practice of using letters as numbers. However, even in the Hebrew Bible manuscripts copied after the Jews were released and returned to their hometowns, no such example of using letters as numbers has been found.

The oldest surviving Hebrew text sample was found in an underground waterway in Siloam {probably built during Hezekiah’s reign [745-717 BC]}. The numbers in the text indicate weights and measures according to pronunciation. Since the numbers are written out according to the pronunciation, the “Hebrew Scriptures” is more accurate and reliable because, in copying, numbers are usually easier to copy than words.

In Hebrew, numbers exceeding ten are expressed in phrases. For example, 12 is “two” and “ten” (Genesis 14:4), but 20 is the plural of “ten,” and 30 is the plural derived from “three.” 40 is a plural derived from “four,” and the rest can be analogized. 

One hundred is an independent word, two hundred is the double-number form of one hundred, and other multiples of “hundred” are composed of two words; for example, 300 is “three” and “hundred.” 

  • The Maximum Number of Hebrew words expressed is 20,000, which is a double-digit form of 10,000.
  • Large Numbers are generally expressed in phrases, such as the number 44,760 recorded in 1 Chronicle 5:18, literally translated as forty and four thousand and seven hundred and sixty. 
  • One million is written as one thousand. (2 Chronicles 14:9 ) Rebekah’s family blessed her, saying: “My sister, may your children and grandchildren be thousands of thousands [the original literal meaning is: thousands (plural) of thousands (plural)]” 
  • Sometimes the numbers in the Bible are approximate; for example, Psalm 90:10 mentions the number of lives. Also, what 1 Kings 19:18 (7000 people never bowed to Baal) and 2 Chronicles 14:9 (Asa defeated Ethiopia’s one million armies) may also be approximate.
  • In the Greek Scriptures, numbers are generally expressed in words. (Revelation 13:18)

Numbers show up in the Scripture substantially more regularly than many people may think. It is imperative to understand that numbers can, and much of the time, pass on data that can figure extraordinarily in showing up at the best possible understanding of a given entry of Scripture.

Similarly, each word and each part of a word can give knowledge to the person who deciphers the Bible, so it is fundamental for the Book of scriptures understudy to comprehend the importance of numbers.

Biblical Meaning Of Number 1

Unity, Primacy, First, Beginning. Single and not plural, not exposed to assortment or division. The ahead of everyone else, the number “one” happens is in Genesis 1:5. There one peruses, “And there was a night, and there was a morning—at some point.”

Later on, in this equivalent book of Genesis, it is expressed concerning the man and his better half, “And they became one flesh” (Genesis 2:24). It is extremely critical that in both of these models, there was an assortment for the subject. In the principal model, the night and the morning became one day, and in the subsequent model, Adam and Eve got one substance.

The number “1”: indicates unity and God-Head, “There is only one body, one Holy Spirit…one hope, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God…” (Ephesians 4:4-6).

First Hebrew letter: Aleph Numerical estimation of one. Pictographic significance strength, bull, boss, sovereign, pioneer, first. Imprints solitary future tense, “I will.”

Biblical Meaning Of Number 2

The biblical meaning of number two is a gap, distinction, contradicting, judging, recognizing, witnessing, struggling, favoring, bounty, building, couple, and biting the dust to self. It is additionally identified with the Hebrew word SHANAH, which means change or rehash. Setting decides importance (likewise with all numbers). Preferably, two should reflect one, as in the “two will become one substance.” 

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Thus, making a genuine “pair” cooperates like one’s ears, eyes, nostrils, hands, and feet. When two isn’t mirroring the positive side of one (solidarity), it signifies division as opposed to augmentation (favoring) in the Bible. For instance, the second day of creation DIVIDES the upper and lower waters, the second sentence in sacred writing discusses disarray, and the subsequent part uncovers two trees speaking to life and passing.

Second Hebrew letter: Beht Numerical estimation of two. Pictographic significance house, tent, children/girls, to construct, and division. As a relational word, it signifies “in” or “with.”

Biblical Meaning Of Number 3

Seeds, trees, organic products. Disclosure, restoration, gathering balance, harmony, design, direction, witness, and strength. New life, growing, restoration, productivity, expressions of life (counsel), solidarity, the giving of the Torah and the Spirit, and the Temple/House’s establishment are implied by the number three.

Three carries concordance and solidarity to contrary energies like one and two. Three makes a strong or an establishment and makes the main mathematical shape (triangle).

Third Hebrew letter: Gimel Numerical estimation of three. Pictographic importance to age, reward, support, experienced, reward, advantage, foot, and camel.

Biblical Meaning Of Number 4

The biblical meaning of number four “four” sometimes indicates Universality Or Symmetry. This number appears 3 times in Revelation 7:1. The scripture says that the “four angels” (all angels who control the “four winds”, ready for destruction) stand on the “corners of the four poles of the earth” (so that the wind can be released from the four corners, so that Nowhere in the earth is spared). (See Dan 8:8; Isaiah 11:12; Jer. 49:36; Zech. 2:6; Matt 24:31.) 

New Jerusalem is “square” with equal length, width, and height, which is a cube. (Revelation 21:16) In Zechariah 1:18-21; 6:1-3; Revelation 9:14,15, you can see other words that both contain the word “four” and have figurative meaning.

Fourth Hebrew letter: Dalet Numerical estimation of four. Pictographic significance entryway, draw out or in, thump, way, way, the gateway to paradise, domain, control, limb, and branch.

Biblical Meaning Of Number 5

Force, strength, sharpness, Torah, effortlessness, administration, gospel, productivity, going forward, quick development, blessed petitions, and assurance.

Since five is half of ten, the thought is that the number five speaks to deficiency or, again, inadequate. As a prefix, it is the unmistakable article “the.” The five books of the Torah are the five portions that feed thousands with bounty extra for those that come later. Five is related to supplications and being blessed, as both the incense and the blessing oil had five fixings. This demonstrates that anointment and petition are POWERFUL. Five likewise demonstrate development and solidarity.

David chose “5 smooth stones from the stream” to face the giant Goliath (1 Samuel 17:40), and he won a great victory by the grace of God.

Fifth Hebrew letter: Hey Numerical estimation of five. Pictographic importance: breath, air, soul, womanliness, and view (to make known).

Biblical Meaning Of Number 6

Association, information, conciliatory, number of man and monster, antichrist, symbol, Adam, relationship, and judgment. Six frequently alludes to man’s craft, yet preferably represents conciliatory love and intimate information with the Creator.

At the point when the last is neglected, just excessive admiration and substance remain. One is ALWAYS either anticipating God’s picture or the picture of the monster (substance) to the world, which is spoken to by the number six.

The number of “beasts” is 666. The book of Revelation says that it is a “number of people,” which shows that it is related to imperfect and fallen humans.

Sixth Hebrew letter: Vav Numerical estimation of six. Pictographic significance of snare, nail, to associate, tent stake, add to, join. As a combination, prefix, it signifies “and.” The number six uncovers, whether we are associated with Adonai or the monster/substance.

Biblical Meaning of Number 7

Rest, completeness, culmination, being ready, request, security, and blessedness. all the seven’s in the Bible have to do with Temple building, initiation, and commitment. (Clearly, the negative side of this is the devilishness that crushes this symbolism.) For instance, the seven days of creation are the seven days of Temple devotion, with Shabbat being the initiation or rest.

In Christianity, the book of Revelation records the characteristics of the seven congregations and fully reflects the conditions of all congregations of God on earth. (Revelation 1:20-3:22). The “seven heads” of the “beast” (Revelation 13:1) show how far it is allowed to develop.

Seventh Hebrew letter: Zayin Numerical estimation of seven. Pictographic significance plowshare, weapon, blade, to arm, embellish, cut, and take care of, fulfillment.

Biblical Meaning Of Number 8

The biblical meaning of number eight, both in Judaism and Christianity, communicates “freshness.” Numerous researchers consider it the quantity of recovery or the Kingdom number. Eight is passed the finished work of seven and moves one into the domain of the heavenly or the world to come. It likewise portrays fresh starts as the Hebraic idea considers time to be the schedule as repetitive, instead of direct. It is a multiplying of four or authority and government.

Eighth Hebrew letter: Chet Numerical estimation of eight. Pictographic importance divider, fence, secure, a fresh start, partition, sin, outside, Olam Haba.

Biblical Meaning Of Number 9

Last and largest single digit. Implies irrevocability, judgment, collection, productivity, the belly, duality (great/evil), disguise, truth, cherishing generosity, a product of the Spirit, going to view/look, an hour of the petition, and so on at the point when nine uncovers what it covers inside, there is productivity, augmentation, and the structure of the House.

Ninth Hebrew letter: Tet Numerical estimation of nine. Pictographic significance container, great/evil, snake, encompass, tie, bend, winding, productivity, apology, judgment.

Biblical Meaning Of Number 10

The number ten “ten” represents a complete congregation, completeness, wholeness, and the existence of something. It should also be noted that whenever the two numbers “seven” and “ten” are used together, “seven” represents the higher and superior status, and “ten” represents the inferior.

Divine request finished cycle, measure, or gathering (assembly) regardless of whether for good or wickedness, gift or judgment. A 10th part speaks to the entire in an offering. In this way, ten speaks to a total assemblage, body, or realm, regardless of whether great or malevolence.

Biblical Meaning Of Number 11

It is known that the purpose of a certain angel symbol normally depends on the significance of its elements, so in the instance of number 11, we have to determine first what number 1 can propose. Number 11 is constituted by number 1 that is emerging twice.

Number 11 is a figure of empathic reflection and encouragement, so if you are viewing it several times in your life, it is a hint that you will get relieved of all negative feelings. Your life will become much more satisfying.

Number 11 is recognized as one of the Master numbers. If we consider 11 as a religious and angel symbol, we can say that it is usually used as several balances. 

Also, number 11 may be a balance between males and females. This figure may also resemble compassion, patience, and duality. In numerology, 11 is usually used as several thoughts, creativity, and noble ideals.

Biblical Meaning of Number 12

Normally, when the number twelve is referenced, two contemplations enter into one’s psyche. The primary idea is the twelve clans of Israel and the second is the twelve followers. The principal sign of twelve was back in Genesis section 28:10 in the account of Jacob’s fantasy. Twelve children, twelve clans, the ladies seeping for a very long time, and the twelve Apostles are, for the most part, different employments of the number 12.

Twelve is the result of two numbers-three, and four-that represents a grand number and natural numbers individually. Since it is the variety of these two numbers, it speaks to the organization’s increase and flawlessness.

Biblical Meaning Of Number 13

The number “13”: symbolizes rebellion, the number belonging to Satan “…Betrayed by 13 years” (Genesis 14:4). The significance of the number thirteen is discovered when the number one, furthermore, twelve, are joined. The number thirteen is likewise observed when individuals are told to make an exceptional contribution to HaShem. There is a reasonable reference to thirteen bulls that were to be offered (Numbers 29:13-14).

13 kinds of evil come out of human hearts (Mark 7:21-22).

Dragon, refers to the devil or Satan, Revelation 12:9) appears 13 times in the book of Revelation (Revelation 12:3,4,7[2 times],9,13,16,17; 13: 2, 4, 11; 16:13; 20: 2).

Biblical Meaning Of Number 40

Frequently individuals will talk about the number forty as a generational number. There is no proof for such a translation from the Scripture. The number 40 communicates a change or progress. The models for such a view are seen all through both the Old and New Covenants.

Forty several examples of view, the period of punishment appears to be associated with the “forty,” this number. (Gen. 7:4; Eze. 29:11, 12) Nineveh had forty days to repent.

Biblical Meaning Of Number 42

The number 42 is the result of multiple times seven. Seven is one of the “awesome” numbers, meaning completion and flawlessness, particularly otherworldly flawlessness. Be that as it may, six is the quantity of man and man’s resistance to God’s arrangement for humankind’s salvation.

In Scripture, the number 42 seems to represent an association with or contention among man and the Spirit of God. Balaam offered three arrangements of penances on seven special stepped areas. Each with two creatures relinquished every special stepped area for three arrangements of fourteen penances adding up to 42 creature penances before God gave the prophetic prophet [Numbers 23:2, 14, 29].


Numbers can and regularly help the peruser in showing up at a more exact understanding of Biblical writings. One can figure out how to use the numbers that show up in the Bible and the standards/ philosophy for deciphering such numbers. Once more, one must recollect two significant realities:

  • Each number’s centrality should be applied to the numbers that show up in the Scriptures and not the numbers that we experience in regular day-to-day existence.
  • The essentialness of each number may not be significant for each appearance of that number in the Scriptures. Henceforth, one should be extremely careful in applying the hugeness of numbers when deciphering the Bible.

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