Star of David vs Pentagram

Star of David vs. Pentagram: Everything You Need to Know

The difference between Star of David and Pentagram triangles has always been a point of confusion for people worldwide. Both these symbols have been present with us since ancient times. But not many people knew the meaning and importance of these symbols. Different countries have also used these symbols for their flags and signs.  In this article, …

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Hamsa meaning

Hamsa meaning

About Hamsa meaning and its significance Without even knowing the Hamsa meaning, many people like to keep it due to their belief in the symbol. The Hamsa is primarily an attractive, age-old symbol that is part of Judaica’s general world and can be found in clothing, art, jewelry, wall hangings, etc. This mysterious symbol can …

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What is the Talmud

What Is The Talmud?

The Talmud and the Jewish holy scriptures Before answering the question of what ןד the Talmud, one needs to understand the general structure of Jewish holy Scriptures. The Jewish Holy Scriptures can be divided into two important categories: The Written Torah & the Oral Torah. The Written Torah contains the Bible that consists of three …

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