Dreams meaning of death

The Mysterious Meaning Of Dreams About Death

The death of someone we love or the demise of our own self is an unpleasant topic that one can experience in a dream.

Sometimes when we experience an unsettling dream where we see someone dying right in front of us, we interpret it in the most pessimistic way. The feeling of losing someone close to you is a gravely painful thought, and if one experiences it in a dream, it can really disturb the person’s mindset for hours, days, or maybe weeks.

Dreams have always been a subject of interest. They are a series of images, moments, incidents, and memories that we experience in our lifetime. The Bible has described dreams as the channel for communicating with the almighty God used to convey important messages and prophecies to dream interpreters. Death in dreams usually represents a change in one’s life. It depicts the end of something problematic in your life or reflects on a drastic change coming soon that can significantly impact your life.

Death dreams can be frightening and disheartening for people in any circumstances. However, it can be gravely mortifying if you dream about the death of your loved ones or people who are important to you. It is advisable not to get scared by such dreams; rather, it is advised to understand the logic and the deeper meaning behind such a dream. Death in dreams usually reflects a sudden change or discontinuation of an old tradition.

The meaning of death in the Bible, Kabbalah, and other sources

Death is the word that drives dread into our lives and fills our hearts with fear. As we all believe, death is inevitable and unfathomable, but have you ever thought that what is the very meaning of death?

What is the true essence of death, and what are its interpretations according to various sources.

Meaning of death according to the Bible

According to what is stated in the Bible, death has a very significant meaning in an individual’s life. In the Holy Bible, the term death has been mentioned quite a few times. In Genesis 2:17, the Bible states death for the very first time where God declares:

“But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.”

The meaning of death in the Bible is slightly different from what we know of; it describes death as separation or a grave change in one’s life and not the non-existence of a person. The Bible explains both spiritual as well as physical death in a very distinct and precise manner.

Meaning of Death in Kabbalah

Kabbalah is an enigmatic school of thought in the Jewish religion. It tends to explain the complexity of the relationship between the mystique power above us all and humankind. The followers and researchers of Jewish mysticism help translate and understand the deeper meanings of the Jewish symbols.

The mind always tries to avoid death or even the conversation that involves the unsettling topic of one’s death or someone closer to you. Death is perceived as a dreaded and inevitable phase that causes pain and misery. But Jewish culture believes that the best way to accept your reality is to have a clear understanding of the cycle of life and not be overwhelmed by the possibility of one’s life ceasing to an end.

As a Jewish tradition, as soon as the Jewish people hear of the death, they create or tear a hole in their own clothing as it signifies their grave grief and loss, and this action is known as Kirah. In Jewish culture, on the unfortunate event of an individual’s demise or the occasion of a close person’s death, the deceased person’s body is washed properly and is prepared for the burial ceremonies. 

Also, as per the Jewish culture before the burial ceremony, the deceased body is never left alone. The burial ceremony must be arranged and executed as soon as possible after the death. As per the Jew’s beliefs, the deceased person’s burial ceremonies must be arranged and executed at a cemetery and not in a synagogue.

Death ceremonies must signify simplicity and equality. The burial ceremonies are taken as a time to reconnect and communicate with the almighty god. The Jewish people arrange funeral services that include prayers, psalms, and a eulogy. The Jewish families of deceased persons must buy a gravestone so that the dead are not forgotten.

biblical meaning of death in a dream

Meaning of Death in Buddhism

Buddhism believes in Samsara, the cycle of death and rebirth. They are also staunch believers in Karma and acknowledge that if you indulge yourself in good deeds and follow the path of righteousness, then you will surely be rewarded with the excellent afterlife, and will your rebirth will have a good resurgence.

Whereas, when you have done evil and heinous things in your life have committed sins, then you will be penalized, and your body will never achieve nirvana or enlightenment, and you will have a painful rebirth. Buddhism believes that your actions and deeds in your current life decide the fate of your resurrection. If your actions or Karma are in good faith, you can be reborn as a God, an influential personality, basically in a good human form.

On the other hand, if your Karma is always in bad faith and has harmed and tormented people, then you can have rebirth as an animal, ghost, or even devil. Buddhists’ belief is firm in the cycle of birth and rebirth because it is very well preached by their leader Lord Buddha in their holy text, Dhammapada, which states, “Long is the cycle of birth and death to the fool who does not know the true path.” Lord Buddha told his disciples not to be afraid of death but to be aware of their actions and be conscious of only concentrating on doing the right activities.

The above thoughts of Buddhism are very well summed up in Dhammapada, “Watchfulness is the path of immortality: unwatchfulness is the path of death. Those who are watchful never die: those who do not watch are already dead.”

 Death is an inevitable truth, and our mind cannot deduce a logical explanation for the cause of death. Anything beyond the apparent explanation tends to scare us, and the very conversation about it makes us uncomfortable.

Dreaming about death is also similar in this regard, as death dreams create a sense of fear, helplessness, and anxiety and make us hesitant, and we restrain ourselves from finding the real meaning of the dream. This, however, must not be the case.

Death dreams often imply some variations and changes that are going on presently or will occur in the future. These changes can be both good or bad, and instead of getting petrified of them, we should always learn to embrace them. We should perpetually work on accepting those changes and understand the core reason for the occurrence of such shifts, mostly in our lives and relationships.

Is it good to dream about death?

According to the Judaism point of view, dreams meaning of death have a very significant purpose. Some of the uncultured Jews share their superstitions and insensible beliefs relating to dreams.

It is profoundly believed that the general interpretation of dreams goes by the contrary meanings. As if you see a dream in which the dreamer dies or sees the death of some other person, may it be his/her spouse, parents, loved ones, children, or their friends, it is considered as that the person who died in the dream will live long.

The said contrary meanings theory is commonly shared and believed by English, Dutch, and Russian Jews. So, as per the Jewish perspective and beliefs, experiencing a death dream is considered a good thing as then that person will live for a long time.

Spiritual meaning of water in dreams

Water is one of the most important things that humans need for survival. The Bible also emphasizes the importance of water. Water is a symbol of cleansing. It can be either cleansing of your body or even of your soul. Moreover, it is also considered a symbol of regeneration and rejuvenation.

Dreaming about water usually means that you are subconsciously reflecting and analyzing your emotions and thoughts. A precise interpretation can be deduced by understanding whether the water is clean or dirty.

If you have dreamt of clean and calm water, then this means that you are sorted in your thoughts and are well aware of your state of inner peace and happiness. Dreaming of dirty water symbolizes negative thoughts and emotions in your life and shows anxiety and uncertainty. Dreaming of deep water means that you are struggling with your anxiety and are under a lot of pressure, and might face some severe issues in the future.

Dream meaning if you die in your dream

Dreaming of your own death can be frightening, shocking, and bone-chilling. It usually means that a phase of your life has ended, and there are new opportunities that are line-up for you in the future.

If your death is peaceful in the dream, it means that you have accepted or will accept a new change in your life smoothly, and the transition from one phase to another will be without any hesitation. If you die a violent death in your dreams, then this means that you are a bit resistant and hesitant towards any new changes that are coming your way.

Dream meaning if you die in your dream

The dreams in which an individual die young to have a significant purpose and hidden meaning in them. We tend to ignore such dreams where one is dying or is injured severely and does not let such dreams affect our peace and mind-set. However, if an individual experiences a dream in which the dreamer sees himself dying young, he must interpret such a dream clearly.

For instance, if an individual who is a Russian Jew sees that a dog attempts to bite him and died in the dream, it is regarded as a sign that such a person’s enemies wish to harm him.

Dream meaning if you get killed in your dream by someone you love

The dreams in which you see yourself get killed by some you love then such dreams must be taken seriously and must be interpreted in the most straightforward sense.

Such dreams are experienced for a reason and for making the realization of something significant. However, if someone close is trying to kill you, then the meaning of such a dream can be entirely contradictory, and that person might be trying to help you make some positive changes in your life.

Dream meaning if you get killed in your dream by someone you know

In another case where an individual experiences a dream in which he sees himself get killed by some he knows nicely or is very dear to him, such dreams must also be interpreted in the most exact sense.

Most of the time, such dreams represent some significant change that is happening or is going to happen in the near future in his life. If someone kills you in your dream, it means that you need to force some changes in your life, like quit smoking, drinking.

Dream meaning if your parents die in a dream

If you ask anyone about their biggest fears, I bet most people will list their fear of losing their parents as the most dreadful one. The majority of people fear losing their parents even in dreams and become gravely mortified by such dreams, the mere thought of it can also cause pain, and the dreams can haunt you for a lifetime.

These dreams mean that you share a powerful bond with your parents, both physical and emotional, and such dreams can surely give you a sense that there is something amiss with their well-being and health. However, if you see your dead parents in the dream, then you can be at peace and must seek their blessings.   

Dream meaning if your friend die in a dream

Dreaming of a friend’s death in your dreams might indicate some changes in your relationship. Your friends are also an integral part of your life and represent different aspects of your relationships. Your close friend’s death in your dream states that he will be very successful and happy, surprised, right?

However, if someone in the dream kills your friend, it indicates that you have issues and are stressed about something grave in your life. In case you saw your friend’s death in an accident, this also depicts a turmoil state of mind and negative emotions and negative attitude.

Dream meaning if you dream about people who died

The dreams in which an individual sees the people who are already dead can have different meanings. Such death dreams and meeting with dead people in dreams can be interpreted according to such a person’s life history.

In the case, if an individual sees his dead parents in his dreams, then such a dream signifies that his/her dead parents are happy with the deeds of their child or are happy in paradise.

However, in another case, if an individual experiences a dream where a dead person brings him fruit or something, then such a dream represents that the deceased person is at peace and is in heaven.

However, it is also considered unlucky to accept any presents from a dead person in a dream. It is believed that if such a bad dream occurs to a genuine pious Jew, then such a person will fall the very next day.

i died in my dream

Dream meaning the death of a spouse

Another dreadful dream that can send chills in your soul is dreaming about the death of your partner. This can, however, mean that there can be some problems and misunderstandings in your relationship. Such dreams also indicate either complete loss of trust or ignorance in your relationship. It usually indicates a change either in your partner or your relationship with them.

Dream meaning of the death of a child

It can be one of the most frightening and unsettling dreams to be witnessed by anyone. Such death dreams of a child represent an incredibly significant change in the phase of your child’s life. It signifies an end of his/her childhood or in case if your child is reaching an important milestone in life. It’s a way of feeling sad and grieving for the loss of childhood innocence.

What does it mean to dream about the death of loved ones

Dreaming about the death of a loved one or any known person is traumatic, disheartening, and upsetting. It should always be understood that dreams are symbolic, and if you dream about the death of anyone closer, you must not panic and can feel at ease because such dreams do not signify the death of such a person. Such a dream would not turn into reality and will not result in death. 

Death dreams usually indicate something different that is a reflection of your current mental status or a series of thoughts, images, and incidents that are stored in your subconscious mind. If you are going through or exiting a painful phase in your life, you might have dreams about death. These events might cause anxiety, pain, or distress. There can be different interpretations of dreams. Some of them are listed below:

  • The death of a spouse generally means that there is some turmoil, and you are facing some issues in your relationships. Their death in your dreams might indicate either they might distance themselves from you or leave you. 
  • Death dream can also mean the end of something important like a massive setback in your career, a grave misunderstanding in your friendship, the end of a marriage, or an end of some old traditions or values that have been a part of your core existence.
  • Death dreams can easily be referred to as nightmares, and these can also occur if you are having anxiety, panic, or distress in your life. According to dream analysts, a dream is an amalgamation of images, incidents, memories, and moments in your subconscious mind and is often reflected in your dreams.

What does it mean when you dream about the death of a family member?

If you experience a dream in which one of your family members or your spouse or your children dies. Such dreams make the individual feel frightened, and an unsettling fear disrupts such a person’s mind set for days. Such dreams of death hold a significant sign of misunderstanding or troubles in the relationship. Death does not denote the absence of such a person in reality. However, it signifies the lack of emotional connection with such a person.

Dream meaning if you kill someone in your dream

If an individual ever dreams of killing someone in his dreams, such a situation is a sign of introspecting one’s chain of thoughts and mindset. The dream of killing someone in his own dream represents resentment, hatred, and more negative feelings towards others. Such type of dreams signifies feelings of jealousy and intense unhappiness between the bonds of friends and families. Killing someone in a dream might reflect negative and troubling situations.

Dead whale dream meaning

The dream of a dead whale is considered as not a very favorable dream. As per some Jews dreaming of a whale’s death is interconnected with the spirituality and mindset of the dreamer. If such a dream occurs, then the individual must introspect himself and focus on strengthening his connection with his spirituality and inner peace.

If an individual experiences such a dream where a whale dies, then such a dream signifies that the person is entirely cut off from his spirituality and far away from the inner truth.

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