Evil eyes color meaning

Evil Eye Colors Meaning

For centuries, the evil eye color meaning in Hamsa has baffled a lot of sociologists and historians due to its positioning in hand as well as the way that it works for its owner. The basic interpretation is that it helps an owner to keep away the evil stare, but there is much more to it than just the protective aspect. In the following sections, we try to understand the meaning and significance of the evil eye color by dealing with each aspect individually.  

What is the Evil Eye?

The evil eye is also known as “Ayin Hara,”and it is a type of curse that is believed to happen through a malevolent glare that is cast upon a person when the person is unaware of the same. 

According to the Hamsa meaning, it is believed that receiving an evil eye may cause physical injury or a spell of bad luck. 

People in many countries of the middle-east believe in the evil eye as it has been believed through the ages and take precautionary measures against it. Many cultures believe that some amulets or talismans can ward off the effects of an evil eye, and one of the most popular of them is the Hamsa. 

There are Jewish symbols that point towards its prevalence since early times. 

What does evil eye mean

In Islam, too, there is a belief in the evil eye due to a statement made by Prophet Muhammad in the Sahih Muslim, “The influence of an evil eye is a fact…” Thus, many societies and religions believe in the same, and there is no consensus over its exact origin.

History of evil eye

The origin of the evil eye can be quite a matter of debate as different religions interpret it in their way. However, its history can be traced back to Classical Greek antiquity. Many classical Greek authors like Callimachus, Diodorus Siculus, Plutarch, Pliny the Elder, Hesiod, Plato, Theocritus, Aulus Gellius, and Heliodorus have mentioned it in their works. The 1978 book of Peter Walcott, “Envy and the Greeks,” contains more than a hundred written accounts by these authors and others that have reference to the evil eye. 

There are Jewish symbols that point towards its prevalence since early times. In Islam, too, there is a belief in the evil eye due to a statement made by Prophet Muhammad in the Sahih Muslim, “The influence of an evil eye is a fact…” Thus, many societies and religions believe in the same, and there is no consensus over its exact origin.

What does evil eye mean?

The evil eye is believed to be a type of malicious stare that can bring bad luck to the person receiving it. It is a very common belief that is held by many cultures throughout the world. It is often believed that the evil eye can cause bad luck, injury, or misfortune. Jewish holy books have also mentioned it, and followers of Judaism believe the same. The earliest known accounts of the evil eye can be found in Greece, but many other cultures also believe in it. The Assyrians, Jews, and Muslims believe in evil eye profusely, but other regions of the world also have some degree of faith in it.

It is also believed in these cultures that wearing an evil eye can work as a protective shield against it, and therefore the evil eye can be found in many types of talismans, jewelry, and symbols. By wearing the same, it is further believed that the evil glare is reflected upon the person who had cast it on the innocent person.

Evil Eye in Different Cultures

As already mentioned, evil eyes color meaning is different in different cultures. In Greece, since the 6th-century BC, people believed in the evil eye, and it was cast away by following ‘xematiasma’ in which a healer recited a prayer silently for the ‘afflicted’ person. People who follow Islam also believe in the evil eye, and individuals with malice intentions can harm people, objects, or animals. Muslims believe that a complement of “Masha ‘Allah” can be effective in getting rid of the effects of the evil eye. 

Assyrians also believe in the evil eye and generally wear a turquoise/blue bead in the necklace so that they can stay protected from the effects of the evil eye. In the classic novel of Jews, ‘Pirkei Avot,’ the evil eye finds a mention as Rabbi Eliezer suggests avoiding the evil eye. 

Evil eye in Judaism

Followers of Judaism or Jews believe in evil eyes color meaning to a large extent. Most Observant Jews do not speak about the valuable items held by them or the stroke of fortune that they or their children may have benefited from. If by chance, these are mentioned in a conversation, the speaker or the listener may say ‘b’ li ayin hard’ or ‘kein eina hara.’ These are Hebrew words, and they effectively mean ‘without an evil eye’ or ‘no evil eye.’  

There is another way of getting rid of the effects of an evil eye that are followed by Jews, and that involves spitting or pretending to spit in the air three times. Followers of Judaism believe that the evil eye is a result of the ill feelings due to envy and jealousy from people around us. Many people also wonder, “what is Judaica,” or how Judaica related to evil eye whereas in the simplest terms, Judaica means a large number of objects that are used by Jews for ritual purposes, and some of them bear the sign for bringing in good luck and protection from evil eye.

Evil eye symbol meaning

The Hamsa meaning of the evil eye symbol represents protection from all types of evil glare. The Hamsa hand has an open right hand with two symmetrical thumbs and an eye at the center of the palm. It denotes that the holder of the symbol can stay protected from any malicious glare that can bring in bad luck, Damage, or injury to the person. Moreover, it is believed that the eye can redirect the glare back at the person who casts an evil eye.

Thus, it is seen as a lucky charm across different communities and cultures throughout the world. The evil eye symbol can also be solitary without the hand in place, but its essence still stays the same.

Evil eye symptoms

Although evil eyes color meaning differs from area to area, there are some symptoms of evil eye that the Greeks came up with. When a healer tries to free a person believed to have been afflicted from the evil eye, there is a prayer for the afflicted person. It is believed that if the person suffers from the spell, then after the prayer, both the healer and the victim start yawning continuously. Then the healer makes a sign of the cross three times and makes a spitting sound in the air three times. 

Another test involves releasing a drop of olive oil in holy water. If the drop floats on the water, then there is no evil eye, but if it sinks, then it is believed that there is an affliction of the evil eye. Similarly, another test involves releasing two drops of olive oil in holy water. If the drops stay separated, then it can be presumed that all is well, but if they get joined, then evil eye affliction is confirmed.

How does Evil Eye Protect Against?

Jewish holy books lay great emphasis on the evil eye symbol and how it can be effective for a person. It is believed that the evil eye symbol brings in good luck and helps in protecting from all types of ill-will that can harm one’s life. It is also believed that the evil eye symbol offers protection from negative forces and evil spirits that can happen due to a malevolent glare. Believers insist that the evil eye can absorb the fiendish glare and direct it back at the person who made it so that the owner of the evil eye stays secured at all times.

How do you Get Rid of Evil Eye?

There are many interpretations of the evil eye color, meaning, but it is important to know the techniques of getting rid of the evil eye if indeed there is one. Different communities have different techniques for the same, and some of the most predominant ones include wearing kohl by women and children so that they stay protected, keeping white ark plants outside the main door of the house, or keeping lemon in a transparent glass full of water, etc. In South Asia, believers also like to burn Camphor, Loban, and Guggul and spread their smoke to all corners of the property.

There is also a practice of mixing small mustard seed, salt, and red chili and then revolving the same over the afflicted person in an anticlockwise direction seven times. Later, it has to be burned, and if there is no smell while burning, that means the person was afflicted from the evil eye and is now free from the spell.

Evil Eye Color Meanings

Although the blue evil eyes color meaning represents luck and is predominant over the rest, evil eyes have different colors and can be represented in many ways. The traditional blue Turkish eye color can mostly be seen due to more people’s yearning for good luck, and robust health, yet eye colors like red, purple, or pink can also be found.  

The red color signifies protection and courage; purple indicates intelligence, whereas pink can be used for love. There is also a black-colored eye for power, white for wealth, and green as happiness. There is also a Coral of orange that is for protection, turquoise for good health, and light green for achieving success. These are some of the interpretations of the evil eye color.

Evil Eye Pathfinder

For people who wonder “what is Judaica,” they may also not be much aware of the evil eye pathfinder. The evil eye can very well work as a pathfinder so that owners of the same can get positive vibes by keeping it, and that can help them in getting harmonious thoughts. With good health and supportive environment, one can always plan out things well and implement them successfully.

It can, in turn, result in favorable outcomes, which can eventually help in living a better life. Most importantly, the people who are in touch can also gain from the positive vibes of the evil eye symbol as a successful evil eye owner can help in spreading more happiness and prosperity within a community.

Evil eye drawing

The Hamsa meaning of the evil eye can be a good way to understand what it stands for, and drawing the same can be very easy after that. There is no one way that the evil eye can be drawn, and people can easily mix and match their styles so that one can suit their taste and preference. In the Hamsa hand, generally, the evil eye is drawn on the open palm in a way that we draw normal eyes with the retina in the middle.

However, for drawing the evil eye on some object, one can also make three simple circles one inside the other at varying distances so that the innermost circle makes up the place from where the vision is directed from.  

Evil Eye Quotes

Many Jewish holy books have mentioned evil eye quotes, but it’s not that only Judaism has quotes on the subject. Most communities and societies that believe in it have evil eye quotes, and some of them are even quite popular among followers and believers of the symbol. A very famous anonymous quote on the subject goes like this:

"Don't fear 'evil eye' trust in the power of the One who protects from all evil."

Another very popular quote on the evil eye from Michael Bassey Johnson goes like this: 

"If a negative viewer looks at you with an ugly fiendish eye, find a way and pluck off his eyes, or better still, protect your good image."

There are many evil eye quotes that people can find with ease, and a lot of them are even part of the daily conversation in certain communities.  

Evil eye designs

Various types of evil eye designs are available for use as home furnishings, decorations, and wearable items. Whatever may be the evil eye colors meaning, they are designed to present a superb look for the owner so that the same can be made presentable and gorgeous. Evil eye designs of wall hangings, painting, and decorative items are quite common among the people who like to buy these items. Even the blue eye can be altered with green or turquoise in these designs so that they look attractive. 

Evil eye designs can also be made by combining many evil eyes or placing them in a symmetrical pattern so that they look unique together. Different types of bracelets and amulet evil eye designs are also very popular among those who like to wear them.

Where to Place Evil Eye in Home?

It is important to understand the place where the evil eye can be kept at home. For a new home, before placing an evil eye, it is important to consult a priest and ask the person to tie a red flag on the terrace in the south-west direction so that any effects of the evil eye can be done away with. The evil eye can then be placed within the house to stay assured at all times. 

As of any home, the evil eye can be placed in the living room or bedroom as per one’s wish. It is because most guests come to these rooms while on a visit and so the best effects can be derived at these places.

Where to Hang Evil Eye in Home?

In a home, the evil eye can be placed at any place according to an owner’s wish. Even if a homeowner is not aware of evil eye color meaning, an evil eye hanging can help in preventing any malicious stare. The bad part about ill stare is that it can affect living as well as non-living objects, and that is why the evil eye can be so potent in blocking any type of malicious stare. Normally, people like to hang an evil eye at places within a home that is most frequented by people and guests. 

Therefore, the best places for it to be hanged are the living room, bedroom, or even at the entrance. Depending upon the design and size, evil eye hanging can easily be set up as per one’s choice in a home. 

What is Evil Eye Jewelry?

In recent times, due to Hamsa meaning assuming greater significance, evil eye jewelry has also been in great demand. Evil eye jewelry can be available as amulets, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, rings, or even earrings. These jewelry designs can also be custom-made as per one’s choice and the required placement within jewelry. Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Hindu, and Buddhist cultures are replete with evil eye tales, and people from all these communities like to wear evil eye jewelry due to the significance that it holds for them.

Most people wearing the jewelry hold a belief that by wearing them, one can ward off any bad luck or evil spirit that does not let them prosper. Evil eye jewelry has also become a trend in recent times due to the variety that it offers to customers.  

What are Evil Eye Earrings?

The evil eye color meaning has assumed greater significance in recent times due to which it has found its way in lavish jewelry designs. One of the noteworthy evil eye jewelry that can make any woman spellbound is the evil eye earrings. These can be available in many types and designs so that there is a large range to choose from. Evil eye earrings can be worn at any type of gathering as a wearer usually feel protective after wearing them and hence their widespread prevalence. 

Moreover, they can be available in silver, gold, platinum, and various other options. The setting and stone collection can also vary significantly so that each evil eye earring can look unique

How does Evil Eye Bracelet Work?

The Jewish holy books have laid great emphasis on the evil eye, and contemporary preachers of Judaism have further popularized the concept. However, at the same time, other religions also believe evil eye as everyone fears bad luck and wants to stay away from its effects. Therefore, it is believed that an evil eye bracelet can be a very good way to offer ample protection for the wearer. It can help in keeping away the envy or jealousy of others and all types of negative energy that may hamper one’s progress in life. Evil eye bracelets are supposed to offer peace and happiness to the wearer while at the same time keeping off the malicious glare of people. 

Evil eye necklace
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Evil eye necklace
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Most Jewish holy books state that the evil eye symbol is capable of neutralizing malicious glare that can bring bad luck, injury, or suffering to an unwitting person. Such a stare can arise due to jealousy or envy, and it is widely believed that a malevolent look can harm a person. Therefore, keeping the symbol helps to get rid of such a stare for the person that it is aimed at. Taking it a step further, the evil eye symbol directs the evil stare back at the person who had the malice. 

As per some Jewish holy books, the evil eye can be kept as a talisman or can be worn as an amulet. In contemporary times, there are several ways in which it can also work as a decorative piece for the home or office. The evil eye symbol can help in absorbing the malicious stare by a jealous person, and in turn, it can redirect it at the person so that the wearer is not affected in any way. Many societies and cultures believe in their miraculous property, and there are a lot of folk tales that solemnize the same.     

The Hamsa meaning and interpretation of evil eye are different in different communities worldwide, but it is widely believed that the evil eye offers protection and brings in good luck to the wearer. The evil eye is a type of curse that happens due to a malevolent glare to an unaware person. The evil eye works by absorbing the evil spirits and redirecting it back towards the person who produced the stare. Thus, the intended recipient always stays safe from the ill effects of an evil eye.

Blue is the color of the sky, and it also symbolizes the truth. Evil eyes color meaninghold great significance so that Blue is preferred to others as it provides direct protection from the ill stare. Early references and scriptures also point towards the color due to all the advantages that it offers. Also, there are shades in blue, and especially light Blue is chosen over the rest, although some dark shades can also be chosen. The blue Turkish eye color also symbolizes luck, and that is also a reason why Blue is chosen over the rest.  

Different evil eyes color meaning convey different purposes, but in Turkey, a blue eye bead is known as ‘Mavi boncuk’ and is considered as a good luck charm like many other worldwide cultures. But blue eye beads are traditional Anatolian beads that are considered to keep off any evil or malevolent stare. They are also known as ‘Nazar’ beads as ‘Nazar’ is an Arabic word that refers to sight. Hence, these beads are used to keep off any ill stare at a person that can cause harm, physically or mentally.

The evil eye is a type of ocular amulet and assumes significance due to its associated Hamsa meaning. When someone stares malevolently, an ill stare is supposed to bring bad luck or Damage. It mainly happens due to the person’s envy or jealousy that finally manifests into a curse, and keeping the evil eye can bring in good luck for the wearer or owner. It is supposed to ward off any bad intention that can reproduce itself in bad fortune or injury to a person.

Eyes are the most powerful organs of our body as they help in expressing ourselves perfectly. However, spiritually, the eyes are reflective of a person’s inner spirit. It can also mean the inner person or the heart that is supposed to be true and pure at all times. When the eye is clear from inwards, it resonates throughout one’s body. Therefore, in all major religions of the world, the scriptures mention eyes due to their widespread importance physically as well as spiritually.

Rock salt is supposed to have elements in it that can vibrate the lunar energy within us, and some Jewish holy books have also mentioned the same. Therefore, it is used for removing the ill effects of a bad stare. One can mix rock salt with small mustard seeds and red chili. The same can be revolved anticlockwise over the afflicted person seven times, and then it has to be burned. During burning, if there is no strong smell emitted by it, then it is widely believed that the person was affected by an evil glare. 

Evil eyes color meaning have different interpretations in different countries and societies, but overall, its prevalence is there in several countries. Greece is a nation that believes in it thoroughly due to its mention in Greek theology. The people of Turkey also believe in the evil eye, and they call it the ‘Nazar.’ Similarly, in Ethiopia, it is called ‘Buda,’ and people keep talisman or amulet to ward off its ill effects.

Apart from these countries, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Syria, Armenia, India, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Lebanon, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Italy, Malta, Spain, the US, Mexico, Brazil, Puerto Rico, and many Central American countries believe in the evil eye.

There is different evil eyes color meaning, but the general essence of the evil eye is the same in that it ushers in good fortune and protects a person from any ill stare that can have negative effects and can even be highly damaging. The conventional evil eye symbol contains cobalt blue or the sapphire color, but it is not that the evil eye only has to be blue. It can also be available in different colors that convey different meanings, but all of them are concerned about the general well-being of the wearer or owner. 

As per a few Jewish holy books, the Damagedue to an evil eye gaze can be phenomenal, and it can stay for long. People have been known to experience a sustained period of bad luck that has further deteriorated their personal life only due to an ill stare from a person. Therefore, the exact extent of Damage will depend on the recipient and the social condition, but one thing that is widely believed is that the evil eye can certainly cause harm that can be quite detrimental to one’s wellbeing and peace.

Many Jewish symbols are worn by people as a good luck charm. In recent times, wearing the evil eye has also become trendy due to the many available designs and styles in which they can be easily found. Moreover, with a large number of lavish jewelry doing the rounds, wearing an evil eye has become stylish while at the same time, it is also believed that wearing the same can keep off any malevolent or ill-intentioned stare.

Thus, the evil eye color meaning has different interpretations in different cultures and countries, but in every society, it is associated with bringing in good luck and offering protection to the wearer or the owner


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