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What You Must Know Before Choosing Evil Eye Tattoo

Have you heard of Evil Eye Tattoos? Yes, but do you know the real meaning of the evil eye? The evil eye is known across the world and is an integral part of many cultures. The evil eye can be seen as a look in anyone’s eye that is quite malevolent and possesses an evil glare that can be seen as a wish and curse of lousy fortune. 

It is said that once the evil glare is said to be pronounced on someone, that person receiving the glare will be seen as cursed or injured in one way or the other. The evil eye, in any case, will harm the other person.

What does the evil eye tattoo mean?

To understand the evil eye’s meaning, we need to know its relevance. Everyone needs protection from the evil eye, and there are many ways to look forward. One of the standard options is to look for an amulet, talisman, or charm. The evil tattoo is created for protecting the bearer or wearer from the negative impressions of evil eyes, as the tattoo design professionals at Tattoo Stylist would advise. These charms are usually made in the eye form and are called the “evil eye.

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evil eye tattoo design
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People usually wear evil eye Talisman in the form of a pendant, rings, etc. It is said in many cultures that these Talismans will protect the wearer from malicious intent. 

Evil eye Tattoo is a new addition that allows evil eyes to be inked on the individual’s body. There are many designs for evil eye tattoos that can be created. In all these designs, the eye is an integral part and cannot be missed. Evil eye tattoo serves the dual purpose of enhancing the appearance and warding off evil.

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The evil eye imparts a negative connotation to the tattoo. Because the representation of evilness in the symbol makes it look more evil than any good symbol. Many people even believe that getting an evil eye tattoo on your skin can bring bad luck. Not everyone agrees with the opinion. In many countries, the eye symbol is used for warding off evil and has been practiced for centuries.

Turkish evil eye tattoo designs
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In Judaism, evil means to follow the idea, i.e., if an individual carries an envious feeling or negative attitude for the people who have succeeded, he becomes dangerous for others. On the other hand, its vice versa also works well, for the individual who has an optimistic attitude will always rejoice people’s achievements and wish them well.

Greek evil eye tattoo ideas
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Greek evil eye tattoo meaning
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Evil Eye in Judaism

The evil eye is stated many times is the Ethics of our Fathers or Pirkei Avot. In chapter II, Yochanan ben Zakai, the four disciples of Rabbi, has advised on how any individual can follow the right path in his life and ignore the evil one. Rabbi Eliezer also mentions that the evil eye is compared with a bad friend, neighbor, or a person with an evil heart. According to Rabbi Eliezer, the evil eye is worse than any of them.

Hamsa hand with evil eye tattoo
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Judaism believes that a “good eye” represents optimism for kindness and goodwill for others. Someone who has such a kind of attitude in life will always rejoice in others’ prosperity and wish them well. 

On the other hand, an evil eye always denotes a negative attitude. The man possessing the cynical eye will never rejoice and will always be in distress after seeing other people prospering and will not only feel happy if others are suffering. People of such character are said to represent a danger to society and to the moral purity of surroundings.

nazar evil eye tattoo
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Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook also states that a soul affects others through many connections between them.

According to him, we are influenced by the environment, and the evil eye imposes a vicious impact on the malignant feelings like jealousy and envy for the people around us.

Followers of Judaism or Jews believe that the evil eye is a result of ill feelings due to envy and jealousy from people around us. They also believe in evil eye color, meaning to a large extent. 

Most Observant Jewish people do not speak about the valuable items held by them or the stroke of fortune they or their children may have benefited from. 

People tend to say “tfu-tfu” quickly, which is a substitute for spitting supposed to eliminate the evil eye. This is equivalent to the Christian custom of three knocks on the wood against the evil eye. 

If, by chance, these are mentioned in a conversation, the speaker or the listener may say ‘b’ li ayin ha’ra’ or ‘kein eina hard.’ These are Hebrew words, and they effectively mean ‘without an evil eye’ or ‘no evil eye.’ 

There is another way of getting rid of the effects of an evil eye that are followed by Jews, and that involves spitting or pretending to spit in the air three times. You will not find people today who really do that, but you can hear the custom’s remnants in the slang of the Hebrew language. 

Can you get an evil eye tattoo?

Evil eye tattoos are available in many forms and shapes, and you can choose the one you like to have in your body. Let’s know about various evil eye tattoo ideas and their relevance:

Evil eye tattoo ideas

Most of the evil eye tattoos are exquisite detailing for bringing out realistic factors. There are not many designs that are simple and are inclusive of details. These evil eye tattoos are perfect for people who do not want to go over the top. Here, we have picked up some eye-catching evil eye tattoo ideas, which will allow you to choose the right one and learn more about them.

evil eye tattoo Stockholm
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evil eye tattoo color
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The evil eye color meaning can differ from place to place; there are many symptoms that everyone should know about it. It is said that when a healer that tries to make a person free from evil can say a prayer in favor of the afflicted person.

It is often believed about people if they are suffering from any spell, then after completing the prayer, both the victim and healer start yawning continuously. After that, the healer is said to make a cross sign three times and makes the sound of spitting three times in the air.

evil eye protection tattoo designs
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evil eye tattoo pics
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The other test consists of releasing olive oil drop in holy water. And if the drop manages to float on the water’s surface, then there is no evil eye, and if it sinks, then it can be considered for the owner to be afflicted with the evil one. 

One other test allows the release of two drops of olive oil in holy water, and if they are separated, you can be presumed for keeping well, but if they are joined, then the affliction of an evil eye is confirmed.

evil eye tattoo bad luck
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evil eye tattoo pinterest
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Hamsa evil eye tattoo

Hamsa is a common symbol for Muslims, but it is known to cross many beliefs and cultures. Jews call them Hamseh. Known to be one of the ancient characters, its history dates back to the Romans and Greeks

evil eye tribal tattoo
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evil eye thigh tattoo
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Many people believed that evil people possess the power to curse others by merely staring at them in the middle ages. They started calling this the evil eye. To ward off the same people, invented many ways so that the curse can repel. It began with hand gestures, and later on, Hamsa became the answer.

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pretty evil eye tattoo
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For Muslims, the Hamsa tattoos were used for protecting their family against any illnesses. They can be considered as the symbol of Good Luck. Romans and Greeks find Hamsa as a protection sign from the evil eye. Arabic and Hebrew for them, Hamsa is the five fingers of the hand and can symbolize five senses for a person.

Evil eyes Mandala Tattoo

Mandala is a Sanskrit word for the circle, and if you draw it as a tattoo, then it can be composed of symbols and shapes radiating centre outwards in the circular pattern.

evil eye mandala tattoo
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Just like a circle, the Mandata is said to reflect balance, perfection, and eternity. Mandala Tattoo has an evil eye in the center, reminds the geometry, and allows the owner to ward off the evil spirits. Mandala’s evil eye design is unique and emulates harmony.

Evil Eye Dream Catcher Tattoo

The ancient symbol of the dream catcher is derived from Indians. It is a kind of protection from evil forces that do not allow them to penetrate any corner of your subconsciousness and consciousness, mostly when a person sleeps. 

It is believed that while sleeping, the human soul needs protection from dark forces. The web present inside the tattoo depicts the dark forces and the supplements represented by the feathers and various other attributes, strengthening the same internal capacities.

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evil eye dream catcher tattoos
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Dream catcher evil eye tattoos can provide you with reliable protection. A tattoo can confuse the dark force to leap into their cocoon and protect them from the penetration into their souls.

Evil eye tattoo finger

An evil eye tattoo on the finger can be small but works well in warding off the individual’s evil spirit. The talisman is made to protect the owner against any evil eye and, at times, is called “evil eyes.” When worn as a tattoo on a finger, it can help you by warding off misfortune. The amulet’s power made as an evil eye is to protect the bearer from the evil eye itself.

evil eye tattoo finger
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evil eye tattoo for finger
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Evil eye temporary tattoo

If you have any doubt of affliction from an evil eye, then you can try making a temporary evil eye tattoo on your body. If it works well for you, you can draw one on your body part. You can also buy it like a sticker from any online store and use it on your body.

evil eye temporary tattoo
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temporary evil eye tattoo
Temporary evil eye tattoo - Click for details!

Hamsa hand with evil eye tattoo

The Hamsa Tattoo is allowed to wearer good luck and success, and It is also said to bring peace and harmony. The upright Hamsa Tattoo stands for bravery and protection. The Tattoo is said to depict their finger apart and can protect the owner from evil. Fingers together entail good luck and success. In Jewish culture, the Hamsa is also known as “Hand of Miriam.”

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evil eye hamsa tattoo
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Hamesh hand is a Hebrew word and is used for warding off the evil eye. The evil eye is the energy that can be believed to bring bad luck, harm, and misfortune. Hamsa hand is allowed to have five stretched fingers consisting of two symmetrical thumbs.

Turkish evil eye tattoo

Turkish evil eye Tattoo can ward off the evil eye curse and produce many talismans for many cultures. Also known as “apotropaic” (protective and, in other words, “turn away.” It means to turn away harm.

Turkish evil eye tattoo
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Consisting of balls or disk and consisting of concentric white and blue circles representing the evil eye, and are common apotropaic talismans also found on the Mediterranean boat prows. In one form, the folklore for the staring eyes is known for bending the malicious gaze to the source.

Small Evil Eye Tattoo on the wrist

Evil eye Tattoo can be created on the wrist to mark its presence for the people who want to keep it for appearance yet make it useful by drawing it on the wrist. Many people find it a good omen to draw it on your wrist and keep it for warding off any evil practice from your soul.

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Evil-eye tattoo on the wrist
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evil eye and hamsa temporary tattoo
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Evil eye tattoo lousy luck

Evil eye talisman can be worn in many forms like a pendant, rings, etc. for protecting the wearer from any type of malicious intent prevalent in several cultures. One of the common ways is to get the evil eye inked on your body.

The evil eye can be inked with the help of various designs. However, the eye is always an essential part of all tattoo designs. The evil eye tattoo for bad luck can serve both the purposes of enhancing appearances and warding off evil.


realistic evil eye tattoo

Evil eye triangle tattoo

Triangle Tattoos is known for representing the family (children, mother, and father), soul (body, spirit, and mind), and time (present, future, and past), and at times it can mean the self (emotions. Thought, and feelings). The triangle evil eye tattoo is known for warding off evil from one’s life’s right possessions.

evil eye triangle tattoo
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Triangle evil eye tattoo for men
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Evil eye tattoo sleeve

Evil eye tattoos are said to resemble the “Turkish Nazar,” an eye made up of white and blue concentric circles on sleeves. The evil eye symbol is known for warding off the evil back to the sender. Many variations of this symbol are found in Muslims, Christian, and Jewish traditions, but the symbol is not religious. Its meanings include faith, safety, loyalty, patience, perseverance, and swirling designs.

Turkish nazar evil eye tattoo
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Evil eye henna tattoo

Henna can also be used for evil eye tattoos on one’s body. It will be a temporary tattoo that you can make on your body for festivities. Evil eye Henna Tattoo can be drawn to protect the individual from evil spirits and dilemmas.

Evil eye temporary fake tattoo
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Evil eye henna tattoo
Hamsa and evil eye temporary tattoo - Click for details!

Greek Evil Eye Tattoo

The legendary evil eye can find its traces in ancient greek texts and is mentioned in the Quran and the Bible. In the greek evil eye is known as “Matiasma.” It was considered a threat to people who received admiration and praise, more than they deserved.

Greek evil eye tattoo
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Evil eye tattoo Greek
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Greek evil eye tattoo resembles is that it would cause an individual to know about their downfall, as they became very proud of being admired. It was also believed that goddesses and gods also used evil eyes for punishing people who became too proud to achieve success in their realm. Have a look at the greek evil eye tattoo design, pasted below:

Evil eye tattoo conclusion

Evil eye tattoos have caused lots of disputes in many cultures. Some of them consider it to be a good omen, while for others, it attracts evil spirits. In most cultures, the evil eye has many designs, and individuals can opt for the best ones to be crafted on their bodies as per their religious beliefs.

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  2. I don’t know why you liked my blog “Sabbath Complete.” In reply, I read the three articles WordPress recommended. These were interesting to me and good reading. I like the index at the beginning for an overview. Tattoos fascinate me, but I’m not willing to get one. As Jesus said, it’s not what goes into a man that defiles him (and I would assume this also applies to what gets tattooed on the body), but what comes out of him, from his heart. Since this is a webpage about things Jewish, what is the general understanding of Leviticus 19:28 among Jews in view of the current trends.

    1. Religious Jews won’t do a tattoo, it’s not allowed according to Jewish law. I’m not a religious person but I do have a lot of respect for my Jewish tradition.
      Still, many people in Israel do like to do tattoos and many people abroad do like to do tattoos that relate to Hebrew or Judaism so this is for them.

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