Floating on Dead sea

Floating On the Dead Sea – How Does It Feel Like?

What is our general notion of going down in a water body? We will drown. But what if we tell you there’s a place on Earth where this is a complete myth. You may not believe it initially, but you will, once you see it.

The Dead Sea, a landlocked lake sharing its border with Jordan, West Bank, and Israel, is one of the most prominent lakes on the Earth. Although it is referred to as the Dead Sea, it is not a sea but a landlocked lake. The Dead Sea is one of its types because it flows in it from its main tributary, the Jordan river but never out of it. It is one of those lakes where people never drown. People float on the Dead Sea surface because of its density and natural buoyancy.

There are several unique facts about the Dead Sea location, history, geographical formation, surrounding minerals, and others, making it so fascinating.

Floating in the Dead Sea

To hear about floating on the Dead Sea isn’t something unusual. It’s a ubiquitous sight. When you’re in the nearby areas of the Dead Sea, you will see numerous tourists floating on the Dead Sea. 

The Dead Sea location has an important role to play in determining why tourists float on it. The geographical conditions under which the Dead Sea had formed and the number of minerals have contributed to why people float on the Dead sea surface rather than drowning in it. 

The Dead Sea, as mentioned earlier, is a water body of its kind. Unlike other water bodies, you will in no way drown in it but float. Floating on the Dead Sea is a common phenomenon that takes everyone by surprise, even in today’s time. Since it has been attracting tourists from all over the globe, many people come here to breathe fresh air, replenish themselves, and enjoy the Sun.

Dead sea floating reason

Why do you float in the Dead Sea?

The high saline content makes the Dead Sea extremely dense, which is why a lot of people tend to float on it. Furthermore, there’s a whole science behind why one floats in the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is all about its uniqueness. 

The Dead Sea salt content has an important role to play in determining why one floats in it. The Dead Sea Salinity keeps fluctuating between 31.5% to that of 34%, making it one of the saltiest water bodies on the Earth. Compared to other water bodies, the Dead Sea salinity is pretty high, and even the density is 1.24 kg/L. Hence, the Dead Sea itself is naturally buoyant, which is why anyone can float in the Dead Sea. In this aspect, the Dead Sea tends to share similarities with the Great Salt Lake of Utah in the United States. 

The Dead Sea is heavier than freshwater lakes because of the salt content. Even if you try to drown yourself, you can never, as you get the opportunity to swim in it easily. So, beginners, it’s time that you take a dive in the Dead Sea and never really ‘drown.’ Disclaimer: You need to be extra careful to avoid drowning. Staying in the Dead Sea for too long can make your body heavy and skin soft enough to be prone to cuts.

Is it safe to float in the Dead Sea? Is the Dead Sea dangerous?

As far as the Dead Sea history goes, it is not dangerous, but it is surely receding at an alarming rate. Geologists and biologists have shown their concern over the rate at which the Dead Sea is decreasing. 

In Israel, the Dead Sea was earlier regarded to be the second most dangerous place to swim. A lot of tourists were banned from visiting the place because of the high salt content. While it is technically not possible to drown in the Dead Sea, it can increase the rate of drowning deaths. It disturbs the electrolyte balance of the body. Staying in the Dead Sea for too long can be dangerous. 

The Dead Sea will naturally make you float because of the high salt concern. So, technically the Dead Sea is pretty safe to swim. If you’re concerned about drowning, there’s absolutely no reason to be scared, although you need to take precautions. The entire part about being around the Dead Sea is just physically to get into the water. Once you’re in there, you will float. So, the Dead Sea is pretty much safe to float. Leap of faith and get going with it.

Can you get sick from the Dead Sea?

As far as the Dead Sea history is concerned, it used to have lived some decades earlier. The Dead Sea, however, now has literally turned into a dead lake because of the absence of life. There’s no aquatic being in the Dead Sea, but only microorganisms. 

The only living beings that have survived in the Dead Sea are only a few bacterias and algae. However, there’s absolutely no need to worry about getting into the Dead Sea because of its salinity. Dead sea salty water is not toxic to the human body. Moreover, it’s considered to be rejuvenating. Because of the high-quality salt obtained from the Dead Sea and replenishing mud, the Dead Sea is regarded as one of the natural, largest free spas on Earth.

Nonetheless, you should avoid getting into the Dead Sea if you have wounds and cuts. The salt content of the water tends to make the wounds burn and eventually have a negative impact on the overall body.

floating in the dead sea pictures

How does it feel to float in the Dead Sea?

It is effortless to float in the Dead Sea as compared to other water bodies. The Dead Sea water density is pretty high, and it contributes to the buoyant nature of the landlocked lake. With humans being lighter than the Dead Sea, they tend to float easily. 

The Dead Sea has its natural buoyancy and is extremely dense. This makes it tough for one to stand on two feet too. As it is proven, saltwater is heavier than fresh water. Hence, one can observe several things floating in the Dead Sea.

Can you read the newspaper when floating?

Technically no.

But when it’s about the Dead Sea, then yes, you surely can though it’s not so easy as you can see in the following Dead Sea floating video.

Apart from videos, several floating in the Dead Sea pictures have taken the internet by storm. Several tourists from across the globe visit the place for just floating in the Dead Sea. Apart from humans, you can also observe the Dead Sea minerals, especially asphalt floating on the Dead Sea surface.

Can you dive into the Dead Sea?

The Dead Sea is one of the mysterious places on Earth. As it is located in such a controversial location, the Dead Sea often takes everyone by surprise. The ecologists and geologists are surprised by the fact that there’s some new finding across the Dead Sea each day. One of the most asked questions had been if one could dive into the Dead Sea or not. Well, one surely can dive into the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea Hotels and local guides have taken the adventures across the Dead Sea a step forward and introduced scuba diving. So, for everyone who wants to have a rejuvenating experience and enrich themselves with the goodness of the Dead Sea mud, they should surely go scuba diving here. We all know that swimming is impossible in the Dead Sea because of its high saline content, but floating in the Dead Sea is possible.

Well, what’s more, possible in the Dead Sea is scuba diving. Although the Dead Sea is devoid of aquatic life, it does bring you the benefit of experiencing something ice-like. Scuba diving in the Dead Sea will take you to the bottom of the lake, where you will get to enjoy the view of salt crystals. Exciting, isn’t it?

What happens if you open your eyes in the Dead Sea?

The Dead Sea shares its border with Israel and Jordan. One should refrain from opening their eyes while scuba diving in the Dead Sea. No matter which side of the landlocked lake you are floating in, if you open your eyes or, by any chance, if the water gets into your eyes, you will be in huge trouble. 

The high saline content of the Dead Sea water will make your eyes burn. It will almost sting your eyes to such an extent that you may feel someone has poured boiling water on your eyes. It is around ten times salty than oceans, which is why you may experience the stinging experience. Luckily, you don’t drown but float, which makes it easier to keep your head held up high, thereby avoiding any contact of the eyes with water.

What happens if you swim in the Dead Sea?

Water bodies are meant for swimming, so the question itself may sound a bit absurd. But, technically, the Dead Sea being one of the saltiest water bodies on the Earth, it is literally impossible to swim in it. 

The Dead Sea is far more dense and heavier than other water bodies like freshwater lakes or oceans. So, if you try to go swimming in the Dead Sea, you cannot do it. Instead of swimming, you just got to float and go with the flow.

Dead Sea Healing effects when floating

Believe it or not, but the Dead Sea is one of the healthiest water bodies on Earth. Right from the Dead Sea minerals to the Dead Sea mud, there’s something special about everything. Even the water obtained from the Dead Sea is regarded as rejuvenating because of all its health benefits.

Owing to the climate and atmosphere and surrounding conditions, the Dead Sea area is hailed as one of the largest spas. Moreover, several Dead sea hotels and spas are offering the benefits of a rejuvenating experience.

One of the many reasons why so many tourists visit the Dead Sea for floating is reaping all the health benefits. The salt obtained from the Dead Sea water tends to positively impact our overall body, especially our face and hair. The minerals and mud obtained from the Dead Sea are used to curate several healthcare products and are a part of the cosmetic products.

Ladies, there’s some good news for you. One of the most beautiful queens of the Egyptian civilization, Queen Cleopatra used to use mud from the Dead Sea to retain her beauty. Hence, we can easily determine how long the Dead Sea minerals and mud have been in use. Several brands offer Dead Sea Salt products such as face packs and shampoos to reap off all the benefits in today’s time.

That’s not all. Apart from the cosmetic advantages, the Dead Sea mud and minerals also provide healing properties. It is believed that floating in the Dead Sea can help to cure joint and muscular aches. Application of the Dead Sea salt by soaking it in warm water can benefit from relaxing the muscle and joint aches. Hence, dead sea salt has often found its way into being one of the most used arthritis treatment elements.

Several healing centers and spas around the Dead Sea location use the natural Dead Sea salt to cure any medical ailment. Let’s not forget about the benefits it has on skin and hair. Application of the dead sea mud and minerals helps to fight skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis. Moreover, using the shampoo made of dead sea salt can actually make your hair silky and bestow an altogether different shine to it.

In what part of the day it is better to float?

If you’re enjoying a vacation across the Dead Sea, it is necessary to understand which time of the day would be the best. Want to go floating in the Dead Sea? Make sure to go once before breakfast. Early morning floating in the Dead Sea is considered to be beneficial as it bestows all the benefits. 

Floating early in the morning acts as a meditation therapy, thereby making it easier for you to relax and comfortably plan your entire day. Experts suggest that a 30-minute early morning float in the Dead Sea can enhance your mood in seconds. It also helps to improve your overall focus and boosts energy for the entire day.

There is a misconception that because the sea salt is the lowest place globally, the ozone layer is thicker, and therefore there is no danger of over-tanning.

Sם ‘hat is not a big difference in the ozone layer? Well, according to a study by researchers from Be’er Sheva University in 1997 (published in 1998), the average differences between UV radiation in the Dead Sea area compared to UV radiation in the Be’er Sheva area over a period The measurements were between 1% and 6% – approximately for UV-A and between 7% and 12% for UV-B. Which means the difference is not significant. 

The Dead Sea is one of the hottest spots in Israel, along with Eilat and Tiberias. The temperature in the Dead Sea in summer can easily reach 45 degrees. If you enter the Dead Sea in the afternoon of July – August, you will feel like you are frying yourself in a pan.

The combination of oily and thick water and unbearable heat create a bizarre feeling, not necessarily pleasant. There is no doubt that exposure to the sun in the afternoon can be dangerous during the summer months.

It is not only about sunburn but also the danger of getting heatstroke. In the summer months, June, July, and August, it is best to enter the water in the morning or evening. In the winter months, the days are shorter and the temperatures much more pleasant, the sun is weak, and it is possible to enter the water throughout the day.

How long can you stay in the Dead Sea?

Floating in the Dead Sea is extremely fun, but something fun for too long can be dangerous too. Although the Dead Sea salty water isn’t toxic for the human body, it is necessary to understand that it can have reverse effects, which may have a huge impact on the body. 

As far as the Dead Sea floating is concerned, one should avoid doing it for more than 10 minutes. The salty water of the dead sea is beneficial for your face and skin as long as it is done in moderation. Hence, 10-15 minutes is enough to enjoy and reap off all the Dead Sea benefits.

Staying in the Dead sea for too long can make your skin extremely soft because of the effect of minerals. This, however, will make your skin prone to cuts of crystals. Moreover, if you come out of the water later than 15 minutes, the body will feel heavy. Make sure to rinse yourself as soon as you come out of the water.

How long can you swim in the Dead Sea?

A time period of 10-15 minutes is enough for swimming or floating in the Dead Sea. If you exceed more than that, it may backfire. No wonder the Dead Sea water is beneficial, but it can be an overwhelming body experience. It is necessary to be concerned as well.

Swimming in the Dead Sea will make your skin soft and body heavy. Your skin is prone to cuts of crystals may get some of them too. However, if you get these cuts and continue to be in the water, you will feel a stinging experience. Not only is this annoying but also very painful. If you’re going out swimming in the Dead Sea, make sure not to go out in the sea when the sun is too strong because it may have counter-effects.

How deep is the Dead Sea?

The Dead Sea history suggests that it was formed after a gradual period. It has changed over the years. The period of Dead Sea formation has been very controversial. While some say it was formed three million years ago, some also claim that the Dead Sea was formed four million years ago. But one thing that remained constant throughout all these is that the Dead Sea is receding at a significant rate, making it one of the most profound water bodies. 

The Dead Sea has a controversial position. Even the shoreline and surface of the Dead Sea is located 427 meters below the sea level. The Dead Sea, as an entire water body, is around 306 meters deep. The depth of the Dead Sea has made it popular as the deepest hypersaline lake on Earth.

The Dead Sea is the lowest elevation on land and is receding at a significant rate. With the alarming rate at which the Dead Sea is receding, the ecologists fear that this natural wonder may soon be gone. Hence, experts are making efforts to protect this wonder that tends to have so many benefits.

floating on dead sea photos

Do rocks float in the Dead Sea?

Traces of black colored rocks have been seen to be floating on the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea doesn’t only produce salt-covered rocks but more. 

Often you can observe the Dead Sea blocks of asphalt floating on the lake surface. These salt-covered rocks, too, experience the Dead Sea floating. The floating asphalt is gathered and transported to Egypt for the mummification process.

Has anyone ever drowned in the sea?

Dead sea floating is a common phenomenon. Moreover, the Dead Sea’s high salt content may make you believe that it is next to impossible to drown in the Dead Sea. Anyone who steps in the Dead Sea tends to float. One essential thing everyone should keep in mind is that it is very much possible to drown in the Dead Sea

People who swallow the water of the Dead Sea can become prone to drowning very easily. Moreover, when these swimmers are caught in the whirlwind of strong winds or tend to flip over, drowning becomes a common scenario in the Dead Sea. Thus, the swimmers must be cautious before going swimming in the Dead Sea. Never be under the impression that the Dead Sea floating will happen with you because unforeseen situations can turn up anytime.

things floating in the dead sea

Does the Dead Sea ruin your bathing suit?

Stepping into the Dead Sea with a beautiful bathing suit can turn to be a nightmare for many. The Dead Sea, as we all know, has a high salt content. This hypersalinity of the Dead Sea can make even the bright new clothes discolored. So, whenever going for a float or swim around the Dead Sea, make sure to adorn your old suit.


The Dead Sea is one of the most fun places to be. The ‘one-of-a-kind’ place on Earth tends to enhance the overall experience. It is necessary that anyone visiting the Dead Sea takes a comprehensive note about the previous experiences and be familiar with the Dos and Don’ts. Being cautious will only make your trip to the Dead Sea floating experience successful.

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