Israel Haifa Photo

Old Color Photos Of Israel (Haifa) In The Beginning Of the 20th Century

The photos were colored by Yossi Biran, an artist, and amateur historian.

Yossi Biran finds the pictures in the archives and then improves the resolution and then color the images and bring them back to life.

Yossi, born and raised in Israel to a German descent mother and a father of Greek descent. His mother was a non-Jewish resident of Berlin who decided to immigrate to Israel and convert.

The photos were taken in Haifa at the beginning of the twentieth century. Haifa was under the Ottoman rule and some under the British government. As you may know,  Britain conquered the Land of Israel during the First World War, and the power passed into its hands until 1948, the time of the establishment of the State of Israel.

Israel Haifa Photo
Israel Haifa Photo
Israel Haifa Photo
Israel Haifa Photo
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Israel Haifa Photo

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