Israel on the world map

Israel On The World Map – What Do You Need To Know?

Israel became independent in the year 1948 after it gained its sovereignty from the British empire. According to the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics, the State of Israel has 9.1 million inhabitants. 

Israel’s size and position on the world map are directly related to the Jewish people’s history and the State of Israel. Countless factors have influenced the map of Israel for thousands of years. There is no doubt that if the destruction of the First Temple and the destruction of the Second Temple had been avoided, the great exile of most Jews from the territory of the Land of Israel would have been avoided, and the history of the Jewish people would have been written completely differently.

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More than three thousand years of history would likely have helped Jews establish their place in the Middle East well, in a completely different way than it is known today.

Unfortunately, history has been conducted differently, and the exile of the Jews from the Land of Israel thousands of years ago has decreed them to fight again to re-establish their place on the world map.

Where is Israel in the world map?

Israel’s location is in Asia, and it covers around 440 square KMS of water and 27,784 square KMS of land. The size of the State of Israel is ranked 155th among the countries of the world. Israel has a combined area of 20 700 square KMS. As can be seen in Israel’s map globally, it shares its land borders with Muslim Arabic countries. For example, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon.

Israel's size compare with other countries and cities

Israel size comparison with India

India is about 118 times larger than Israel when compared in terms of sizes. Israel is around 27,784 sq km (including Golan Heights, Judea and Samaria and Old city of Jerusalem), and India is around 3, 287, 263 sq km. According to the population, India is ahead of Israel as Israel has a population of 9.1 million, and India has even 1.3 billion more people living in the country.

Israel vs India map size
Israel Vs India

Israel size comparison with Los Angeles:

Israel is only 2.6 times larger than Los Angeles (10, 580 sq km) in terms of size.

Israel size comparison with New York:

On the other hand, New York ( 122, 283 sq km ) is 4.4 times bigger than Israel. Israel is smaller than New York. Population wise also, New York runs ahead of Israel. Almost 19.4 million people live in New York, and in Israel, the number is less by nearly 9.1 million.  

Israel size comparison with New Jersey:

Israel is 1.44 times bigger than New ( 19, 211 sq km). Israel’s population is a bit less than New Jersey by about ~300,000, as the population of New Jersey is 8.8 million. 

Israel satellite map

The location of Israel on the world map is visible with a satellite image. The satellite image clearly shows the geographical variety that the nation has. Israel is a geographically diverse area, and there are deserts towards the south and snowy mountains in the north. Israel is situated at the east side end of the Sea of the Mediterranean in West Asia.

There is Lebanon in its northeast in its north, there is Syria, and on the east, there is Jordan. To the southwest of Israel, there is Egypt. Israel is bound on all sides by these places. Israel’s western side in the Mediterranean Sea makes up for most of the 273 km long coastline that Israel has. Israel also possesses a tiny coastline over the Red Sea in its southern part. 

South Israel

The desert named the Negev dominates the southern part of Israel on the world map. It covers around 16 000 sq km, which equates to more than half of its land. On the north of the Negev desert, there is the Judean Desert. This desert contains the Dead Sea at its border with Jordan, and its placement is at -1, 396 ft, and it happens to be the lowest point of the Earth.

falastin world map
Drone view of the Dead seashore
map of israel and surrounding countries
Due to its high salt concentration, it is easy to float on the water

Central Israel

In Central Israel, the inland area primarily consists of Judea and Samaria. On the other hand, the northern and the central coastlines of the country include the fertile and flat Israeli coastal plain. 

where is israel on the world map
Shoreline of Tel Aviv - Jaffa
Jerusalem located in the geographical heart of Israel

North Israel

In northern Israel,  the inland consists of the mountain range of Mount Carmel, and the fertile Jezreel valley follows it. There is also the Galilee region that is slightly hilly. Beyond this, there is the Galilee Sea.

Where is Jerusalem on the map?

Jerusalem is a city in the district of Jerusalem situated in Israel. Its latitude is 31.77, and it has a longitude of 35.22. The location of Jerusalem is at the height of 786 meters from the level of the sea. Almost 801 000 people live in Jerusalem, and that makes it the biggest city in Israel. The town operates in the time zone of IDDT.

Jerusalem’s history goes back to almost 5 000 years and has also been mentioned in various Bible stories. As part of Christianity and Islam’s struggle to establish themselves as more central religions than Judaism, the first monotheistic religion, both adopted Jerusalem as a holy city. 

The Western Wall, the last remaining of the Jewish temple
A market in the Old City of Jerusalem

Where is Tel Aviv on the map?

Tel Aviv is a city of Tel Aviv, situated in Israel. Its location is 32.08 latitude and a longitude of 34.78. It is located at a height of 15 meters above the level of the sea. Almost 250 000 people live in Tel Aviv, and it is the biggest city situated in Tel Aviv. This city also operates in the time zone of IDDT. Tel Aviv’s city was established in 1909 by the Jewish people (Yishuv) as an estate of housing on Jaffa’s outskirts, an ancient town. 

Tel Aviv night view
Beautiful sunset in Tel Aviv
A normal day in Tel Aviv (before Corona...)

Israel main cities on the map


Jerusalem has been the Jewish people’s capital for thousands of years; it is mentioned in the Bible nearly 700 times (and not even once in the Quran …). According to Jewish tradition, The Binding of Isaac took place on Mount Moriah, which is considered the Temple Mount’s location. Jerusalem was King David’s city, and two temples stood in the same place on the Temple Mount, the first destroyed by the Assyrian empire and the second destroyed by the Romans.

Many antiquities have been found in the Old City of Jerusalem, proving repeatedly what is known to every true seeker, Jerusalem was the city of the Jewish people.

Historically, Jerusalem has been pillaged, attacked, destroyed, and then again rebuilt on various occasions. At present, Jerusalem holds the administrative buildings of Israel. Jerusalem provides a home to almost a million people.

Jerusalem stands in the top spot of the World Tourism Hotspot Table. In 2018 Jerusalem was in the first place and not without reason. Jerusalem is an amazing city, bustling with life, cafes, markets, museums, archeology, and above all, an atmosphere of holiness and spirituality envelops the entire ancient part of Jerusalem.

It is quite impossible not to experience the amazing atmosphere in Jerusalem. It is the focus of pilgrimage and visits of all religions. Only under the rule of the State of Israel is religious freedom preserved for every believer to reach the holy places. This freedom did not exist before 1967 when Jordan took hold of Jerusalem.

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv happens to be the second-largest city located in Israel. Dan’s ancient tribe’s site was situated in Israel and came into existence in the year 1990 by the name of the city Tel Aviv Yafo.

Tel Aviv is the beating economic, commercial, and tourist heart of the State of Israel. Compared to the largest cities in the world, Tel Aviv is not a big city, only half a million people (although the metropolis that surrounds Tel Aviv, including more than a million people, together with Tel Aviv) and yet it is much more awake, active and vibrant than most of the world’s largest cities.

 It has everything in Tel Aviv, spectacular beaches, parties, nightlife, markets, international competitions, fine dining, street food, fashion, beautiful stores, pleasant avenues for walking, culture, museums, shows, movies, and above all: a unique atmosphere. You can’t help but fall in love with Tel Aviv.


The third place of being the largest city is given to Haifa. It is the largest port in Israel and is situated on the Mediterranean Sea. Many tourists visit this place for its beautiful beaches. Haifa is mainly known for its high level of religious tolerance, and the quality of life people maintain. Haifa is one of Israel’s most picturesque cities and is the most important place in the north of Israel. 

Rishon LeZion

Rishon LeZion is the fourth largest city in Israel and is an important commercial center. Business related to the fields of construction, commerce, wine, and services takes place here. The town was established by Jews who were discriminated against by the communities that adopted them. The name Rishon LeZion translates to ‘first to Zion.’ In remembrance of the history of the place, an open-air museum displays various things of the past. 

Petach Tikva

Petah Tikva is the fifth largest city in Israel (according to population), and its location is on the eastern side of Tel Aviv. The manufacturing of soap, food, textiles, plastics, metal works, rubber products, and carpentry is what makes Petah Tikva’s economy. Various big American firms have made headquarters here. Petah Tikva came into existence from a settlement of agricultural issues in Israel. 

Although Petah Tikva is a large city, and like the other cities of the State of Israel, it is growing at a rapid rate, it is not a tourist city and does not have the sea of Tel Aviv, the mountains of Haifa, or the sanctity of Jerusalem. It’s just a normal city.

These are the top five cities in Israel. The other cities that are important in Israel are:

  • Ashdod: It is a large port city that is found on the coast of the Mediterranean. 
  • Netanya: It is a popular beach destination and is also a famous city. 
  • Beersheba: It is a city that is found in a desert in the south of Israel.

Detailed map of Israel

Israel is located in the Southwestern part of Asia, and its place is in between the eastern portion of the Mediterranean Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba. The country came into existence in the year of 1948 on May 14th. It came into being as a state for the Jews. People use the language Hebrew officially here. The widely used Second language in the country is English, Arabic, and in present times, Russian has also become quite a popular language for public use. 

There is freedom in terms of religion in Israel, and the holy places are inviolable here according to the laws. Israel has a climate of a varied nature. It is the Mediterranean on the northern side and arid towards the south. The summertime brings beautiful weather with clear skies and no sweat.

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Current map of Israel

Israel is a highly populated country and exists on the east side shore of the Mediterranean Sea. It is the only country in the world that has a dominant Jewish population.

Since the founding of the State of Israel, and despite the absorption of close to a million Jewish refugees forced to flee Arab states following pogroms and persecution of the Muslim regime and the Arab population, and despite repeated attempts by Islamic states to destroy it or threaten its destruction, and despite the brutal Palestinian terror, Women and young children, the State of Israel flourishes and grows every year.

The current map of Israel includes the entire Arava and Negev region in the south, the lowland region, south of the center of the country, the center area that includes the coastal plain, Judea and Samaria Mountains in the east that rule the entire central region of the country, the western Galilee region, from Haifa to the north to Nahariya, the Galilee region. Western, Lower Galilee, Upper Galilee, and Golan Heights.

Israel map 1948

UN Palestine Partition Versions 1947 - Israel map 1947
UN Israel Partition Versions 1947

The British ended the mandate at midnight between 14 May and 15 May. On May 14, 1948, David Ben-Gurion, the first prime minister of Israel, declared the State of Israel’s establishment on the last day of the British Mandate. 

The War of Independence began even before that, immediately after the decision was made in the UN on the establishment of the State of Israel on November 29, 1947, that is, six months before the end of the British Mandate. The Arabs refused to accept the UN partition decision and launched military and terrorist attacks against Israel’s Jewish community to destroy it.

The first deaths of the independent war happened on November 30th, 1947. It took place during an ambush when two buses were carrying Jews. There had been prevailing conflict and tension between the Jews and the Arabs. 

The last military operation of the War of Independence ended on March 10, 1949. Contrary to all predictions, the Jews won a war inflated against them by the Arab states, and the State of Israel arose like a phoenix from the ashes of the Holocaust. Nearly a million Arabs abandoned their homes during the war and fled at leaders’ requests to return to the country as victors. 

About 800,000 Jews were forced to flee Arab countries due to hostilities and persecution by Arab authorities. While Israel’s tiny state managed to absorb 800,000 Jewish refugees, Arab countries refused to accept about a million Arab refugees. Instead, they created a social and political abscess that would preserve the state of the war against Israel for future generations.

According to the UN decision in the map above, you can see the partition map of the Land of Israel. The area painted in Turquoise is designated for a Jewish state. The area painted in orange-brown is intended for Arabs. Out of 27,000 square kilometers, 62% were allocated to a Jewish state, and 38% were allocated to an Arab state.

The Jewish territory was divided into three parts (as shown in the picture) with a narrow earth bridge connecting them. The territory given to the Arabs was a continuation of a vast territorial continuum. In the south, a territorial connection to Egypt, in the center of the country, a territorial connection to Jordan, and in the north, a territorial connection to Lebanon and Syria.

Israel map 1948
1949-1967 Armistice Lines

While for Jews, it was the only territory in the entire world allotted to a Jewish state. For the Arabs, it was another marginal and geographically insignificant addition to a vast area of ​​about 8 million square kilometers stretching from West Africa to Central Asia. And yet, despite all this, the Jews responded positively to the UN partition plan; the Arabs responded negatively and started a war.

The map of Israel in 1948 was significantly different from the planned map of Israel after the UN decision on the partition of the Land of Israel. The War of Independence expanded Israel’s territory and allowed a logical territorial connection between the three parts in the south, center, and north. Status until the Six-Day War in 1967.

Even after the War of Independence, Israel remained a tiny island compared to the Arabian Ocean that surrounded it. Its width, in the narrow waist of the country, was about 15 km. A temptation that can hardly be resisted, to invade the country from the mountains of Samaria and split it in two.

Map of Israel and surrounding countries

Israel is primarily surrounded by Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, and Jordan. The details of these countries are discussed below. 


The country of Syria exists towards the West of Asia, north of the Arabian Peninsula, and on the Mediterranean Sea.

Turkey provides a border to this country on its North, Israel, and Lebanon on its west and Iraq on the east, and Jordan on its southern side.

Some mountains are steep and are situated inland. On the eastern side of the country, there is the desert of Syria, and on the south, there is the Jabal al-Druze Range. Syria included almost 185,180 sq km of plains, deserts as well as mountains.

It is also divided into a coastal zone with a double and narrow belt of mountains enclosing the depression on the western part and a vast plateau on the eastern side. 

Israel map


 Lebanon happens to be a country of the Middle East, and its location is on the Mediterranean Sea. It consists of a border with Israel on its south, with Syria on its north and east. Lebanon became independent in the year of 1943, and the capital of this country is Beirut.

Lebanon possesses two chains of mountain ranges. The state is often termed as the ruby of the Middle Eastern region. Lebanon also has a far stretched coastline. It covers an area of almost 10, 452 sq km. The population of Lebanon is more than 4 million.

The generally spoken language is Arabic. The community is mostly Muslim, and some 40.5% happen to be Christians. The national symbol of this country is the Cedar tree, and the reason behind this is that these trees are found in plenty of numbers in the mountains of Lebanon. 


Egypt is a country that is situated in the northeastern part of Africa. The country is officially termed the Arab Republic of Egypt. It is surrounded by Israel and Gaza Strip on its northeast side, by the Red Sea and Gulf of Aqaba on its eastern side. Sudan is on its southern side, Libya on its western side, and the Mediterranean Sea on its northern side.

Egypt is the most ancient country in the world as it goes back to the 6th-4th millennia BCE. Egypt is an epitome of enhanced and elevated civilization, and Ancient Egypt witnessed many developments in the fields of agriculture, writing, religion, and urbanization. There are iconic monuments in Egypt like the Great Sphinx, Giza Necropolis, and they speak of the rich heritage that Egypt used to have.

The dominant religion of Egypt is Islam, and the primarily spoken language here is Arabic. More than 95 million people are living in Egypt, and that makes it the most populated country in Northern Africa, the Arab World, and the Middle East. Egypt is the third most populated country in the continent of Africa. 


Jordan is a country located towards the west of Asia on the eastern bank of Jordan’s river. Jordan is provided with Saudi Arabia borders on its east and south side and by Iraq to its northeastern side. On the northern side of the country, there is Syria, and on the west, there is the West Bank of Palestine and Israel.

The Dead Sea is situated along the western borders of the country. Jordan has a 26km long coastline that runs by the Red Sea on its southwestern part. The country is quite strategically situated at the juncture of Asia, Europe, and Africa. The capital city of Jordan is Amman and is the most populated city of Jordan, as well.

The capital city is also a political — financial, and cultural hub of the entire country. Jordan covers an area of 89, 342 sq km, and the population is almost 10 million. The community of Jordan gives it the 11th ranking among the Arab countries in terms of population. Sunni Islam is the dominant religion here, and there are also Christian minorities as well. 

Ancient map of Israel

The history of ancient Israel generally comes from the Hebrew Bible. According to that particular text, Israel’s origin can be traced down back to Abraham, the one considered to be the father of both Judaism (through Isaac, his son) and Islam (through Ishmael, also his son).

Abraham’s descendants were through to be made slaves by the Egyptian population for almost hundreds of years before they settled in Canaan that is somewhat the region of present-day Israel.

From the years 1517-1519, Israel was ruled by the Ottoman Empire, like most of the Middle East countries. However, after WW I, the geographical landscape of the Middle East changed quite drastically.

It led to the Balfour Declaration, and the British Mandate declared over Palestine was approved by the League of Nations in the year 1922. 

Ancient map of Israel
Ancient map of Israel

Israel map after 1967

The war of 1967 or the Six-Day War is also called the June War or the Arab-Israeli War. It was fought from 5th to June 10th10th June in 1967 among Israel and the surrounding states of Egypt, Syria, and Jordan. The relations between Israel and its neighboring countries were not back to normal after the 1948 war.

In the year 1956, the Sinai Peninsula was invaded by Israel. However, gradually, Israel had to withdraw but was promised that the Straits of Tiran would remain open as they had wanted.

A few months before the war of 1967, the environment had become extremely tense when Egypt’s leader, Nasser, frequently threatened Israel’s extermination, carried out military maneuvers, closed down the Straits of Tiran, and thus besieged Israel.


The rhetoric of the Syrian leadership was no better. The atmosphere in the young State of Israel, only 22 years after the Holocaust and the attempt to exterminate the Jewish people, that the Jewish people are once again at risk of extermination, with no international desire to prevent it and on June 5th, a series of airstrikes were launched by Israel against the airfields of Egypt. It took Egypt by surprise, and thus, the entire force of Egyptian air strength was almost destroyed.

It marked the Six-Day War opening between Israel and the Arab states, including Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and other countries that sent military forces. The war ended with a brilliant military victory for Israel. In just six days, Israel liberated Jerusalem’s ancient city from Jordan’s stranglehold, which prevented any access to the holy places, liberated Judea and Samaria, the Jewish people’s cradle, and conquered Sinai from Egypt and the Golan Heights from Syria. The Six-Day War changed the map of Israel forever.

Judea and Samaria map – Why Judea and Samaria are part of Israel?

Judea-and-Samaria-map - Palestine map
Judea and Sameria map

Historically, Judea and Samaria were the heart of the Jewish people in Israel’s Land as far back as the biblical period.

Judea and Samaria belong to the Jewish people much more than Tel Aviv or Haifa. Judea and Samaria were the beating hearts of the Jewish people for more than a thousand years.

In modern times, in 1920, after the First World War, the San Remo Conference was held, with the victorious countries’ participation.

One of the important decisions made at the conference gave the Jewish people the entire territory of present-day Israel, including Judea and Samaria’s territory, including the territory of the State of Jordan.


This was the first legal international decision on this territory. A few years later, contrary to them’ mandate, the British decided to give Jordanian territory as a gift to Abdullah.

In 1947, the UN adopted the decision to establish the State of Israel. Another large territory was torn from it and given to the Arabs, without any legal, moral, or historical basis. The Arabs refused to accept the UN resolution, starting war after the declaration of independence of the State of Israel in May 1948.

During the war, Jordan occupied Judea and Samaria. In June of the year 1967, Israel had captured Judea and Samaria from Jordan’s grasp.

It happened because Egypt, Jordan, and Syria have previously caused an illegal siege on Israel’s country and amassed their armies to destroy Israel. Israel had been active in self-defense and thus had won the war and captured Judea and Samaria. These are the reasons why Judea and Samaria are parts of the Israel map. 

Golan Heights map – Why the Golan Heights is part of Israel?

Golan Heights is part of Israel for the same reason that Judea and Samaria are.

In their war against Jordan, Egypt, and Syria, Israel had captured Golan Heights and the Sinai Peninsula, and Judea and Samaria in 1967.

The three Arabic countries had led an unlawful siege on Israel and had plans of destroying the nation.

However, with their highly charged defense army, Israel had prevented the blockade and had captured all the mentioned paces and thus included them in its map. 

Golan heights map

Tourist map of Israel

Israel is the ultimate destination for tourists, and tourism to Israel is growing from year to year. Despite Israel’s size, the tourist map includes a huge variety of places and types of tourism. The central destinations for many people worldwide are the holy places of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, in Jerusalem, Galilee, Galilee sea, and Jordan River.

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Diving and water sports in the desert city of Eilat. Desert tourism with easy and challenging hiking trails in the Arava and Judean Desert. Mountainous and green landscape with streams and springs up north. Entertainment, shopping, restaurants, nightlife, beaches, and more.

The climate in Israel ranges from heat and humidity in summer to relatively mild winter in the country’s center. In the most extreme cases, temperatures can drop to 1-2 Celsius degrees below zero in Jerusalem or the mountains. In the rest of the country, during the winter, low temperatures will reach 10 degrees Celsius.

The heroic Masada mountain


Israel is situated at the crossroads of Asia, Europe, and Africa. Geographically, Israel comes under the continent of Asia and is included in the Middle East region. Towards the west, Israel is bound by the sea of the Mediterranean.

The northern border consists of Syria and Lebanon; the eastern boundary consists of Jordan, the southwest border consists of Egypt, and the southern border consists of the Red Sea. Israel shares its region with the other 22 states of the Arab League. The League has a population of 400 million and has an area of 13 333. 296 km. 

Israel is in Asia and covers a land of 27,784 sq km. The minimum latitude and longitude of Israel are 29.490 and 34.250, respectively, and the maximum latitude and longitude are 33.280 and 35.680. 

Israel is situated in the Middle East alongside the Mediterranean Sea coastline. It is bordered by Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Egypt. The country is placed at the juncture of Asia, Europe, and Africa. 

Israel is located in the continent of Asia. However, it is situated at the junction of three continents, namely Asia, Africa, and Europe. 

Israel is neither part of Africa nor Europe. It is situated on the continent of Asia. However, though Israel is not geographically in Europe, the country takes part in many of the sporting events of Europe. It also is a member of various transitional frameworks and federations of Europe.

Israel is situated at the crossroads of Asia, Europe, and Africa. According to geography, this country is located in Asia and is also located in the Middle East. The Middle East happens to be a transcontinental region in Western Asia. 

The geographical location of Israel is on the western side towards the middle-east region, and that means it is situated towards the west of most of Asia. Therefore, Israel can be said to be a country residing on the western edge of Asia, along with Lebanon, Turkey, and Syria. 

The name Israel is a Bible given name. It first makes an appearance on the Hebrew Bible as the name that was given by God to Jacob the patriarch. Deriving from this name, ‘Israel’ various other designations came to be added with the Jew people and also include ‘Israelite’ or ‘Children of Israel.’ 

Bethlehem is the birthplace of Jesus. The Hebrew Bible mentions that Bethlehem was a fortified city that was made by Rehoboam and further identifies it with the town from where David came and was taken as a king. Now, people crowned David in Israel. Thus, it means that Bethlehem identifies as Israel. Moreover, the Gospels of Luke and Matthew also recognize the city of Bethlehem as the place where Jesus took birth.

 Between the time of 1922 and 1948, the land of Israel was officially and legally under British rule. It was then called Palestine in English. In Arabic and Hebrew, it was respectively called Falastin and Palestina.

Israel happens to be a small country in the Continent of Asia and the Middle East. It is almost the size of New Jersey and is situates on the east side shores of the Mediterranean Sea. It is bordered by Jordan, Egypt, Syria, and Lebanon. 

According to Israel on the world mapIsrael is situated in the Continent of Asia. However, it is a position that makes it stand on the juncture of Africa, Europe, and Asia. 

The thirty state members of the UN do not give recognition to Israel. These include 17 countries among the 22 members of the League of Arab. These countries are Algeria, Comoros, Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia, Yemen, Bahrain, Djibouti, Kuwait, Libya, Qatar, Somalia, Syria, and the United Arab Emirates. 

However, the enemy states of Israel today are, first and foremost, Iran, which seeks to obtain weapons of mass destruction and has stated countless times that it wants to destroy Israel. Lebanon controlled by the Hezbollah terrorist organization, controlled by Iran An Iran-funded and maintained organization. The Gaza Strip is ruled by two terrorist groups, Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Syria, or rather, what remains of Syria.

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