Know Your Life Path Card

#The Universe is trying to send you a secret message about your destiny!

Your Life Path number has its unique Tarot card.
Who are you really?
Where you’re headed in this lifetime?
Your life path has been mapped out in a detailed image and reveals who you are and what is in your journey.

The calculations of life path number:

Life Path Example for Birthday 10/21/1972:
Step 1: Add up each full number – 10 + 21 + 1972 = 2003
Step 2: Add up each individual number – 2+0+0+3 = 5
Step 3: If the answer in Step 2 is two digits, add them together until you have a single digit.
In this example, the life path number is 5.

Once you have your Life Path number, find your card below:

Life Path #1: The Magician
Life Path #2: The High Priestess
Life Path #3: The Empress
Life Path #4: The Emperor
Life Path #5: The Hierophant
Life Path #6: The Lovers
Life Path #7: The Chariot
Life Path #8: Strength
Life Path #9: The Hermit

(To know in details what your life card reveals about your personality, click learn more and visit the website)

Why you should give it a try-
• works BEST for love readings; you will learn if your partner now is part of your Life Path or if “the one” is still out there looking for you.
• You will know someone’s intention for you. If you have a sneaking suspicion that your partner might be lying to you.
• If you want to see what your romantic future holds in store.
• This Love Tarot Reading will help you have the relationship you want

It cost’s nothing, and with only three cards, you get your results right away.

Learn more

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