Start-up Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle

How a country like Israel with only 9 million people, surrounded by hostile countries, with barely natural resources, with a constant state of war manages to produce more start-up companies than big nations like Japan, China, India, Korea, Canada, and the UK?
Start-Up Nation answers this trillion-dollar question and explains how Israel become a utopia of Start-ups.
Considering the population, Israel has the highest number of entrepreneurs and start-ups, with 3,850 start-ups – one for every 1,844 Israelis.
Looking at the eventful past, it is evident that Israel’s economy has been proved to be adversity resilient.
But what are the government policies, economic model, foreign policy, and the key factors that give Israel this great uplift, ever-growing economy, and a leading position in innovation and entrepreneurship in the globe?
To answer the question, Senor and Singer examine the lessons of the country’s adversity-driven culture, which flattens hierarchy and elevates informality– all supported by government policies focused on innovation.
Open this outstanding book and get ready to be surprised by Israel’s remarkable economy, growth and resilience and attain the invaluable lessons it provides.

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