The Book of Jewish Values: A Day-by-Day Guide to Ethical Living

A comprehensive manual on leading a decent, kind, and honest life in a morally complicated world.
In this book, Rabbi Joseph Telushkin enlightens us by addressing our time’s major ethical issues and guiding us towards the right path to follow.
This book combines sacred writings from the Talmud to the Bible and incorporates the broad spectrum of Judaism, and will help you lead a calm, intelligent, and meaningful Jewish life.
With his excellent mastery and expertise, Rabbi Joseph Telushkin addresses various conventional as well as many modern ethical issues and invaluable techniques to follow in our life-
• The first trait to seek in a spouse (Day 17)
• When, if ever, lying is permitted (Days 71-73)
• Why acting cheerfully is a requirement, not a choice (Day 39)
• What children don’t owe their parents (Day 128)
• How to raise truthful children (Day 298)
• Whether Jews should donate their organs (Day 290)
• An effective but expensive technique for curbing your anger (Day 156)

The book of Jewish value is a broad-ranging book that offers concise, wise, and easily accessible guides to practical life.

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