“Our Crowd:” The Great Jewish Families of New York

The #1 New York Times bestseller tells the incredible story of a group of German immigrant families to America and their rise from poverty to social prominence.

A group of Jewish family including Loeb, Sachs, Seligman, Lehman, Guggenheim, and Goldman, Immigrated to America from Germany in the 19th century.

They spread to every corner of New York City, and the ordinary names turned small businesses into striking enterprises.

They possessed breathtaking wealth that rivaled the Astors and Rockefellers. But despite their great rise and affluence, they were refused and barred by the register of New York’s most elite “the 400” because of their different background and religion.

Again, regardless of the adversity, these Jewish created their own elite “100”, a privileged society as magnificent and exclusive as the one that had rejected them.

Based on letters, records, diary entries, and intimate personal remembrances of family lore, Our Clan is the portrait of the upper-class Jewish life over two centuries and a stunning story of their struggle and massive success in the land of America.

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