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Star of David Tattoo Meaning And Ideas

Star of David Tattoo is known to be one of the mysterious and oldest symbols across the globe. Scientists from all over the world remain searching for ancient objects related to the hexagram to prove it. The hexagram is also known with many names and one of the famous ones in the “Star of David,” while the other ones can be “Magen David” or “Solomon’s seal.”

 In the Hebrew language, it is called Magen David or Shield of David. The symbol is significant in Judaism, and the Israel state flag with the Star of David engraved on it proves the fact. This is the reason why it is also known as the symbol of Judaism and modern Jewish Identity. 

Its shape is in the form of two hexagrams compounding two equilateral triangles together. They mark their origin from the 17th century. The term “Shield of David” is seen in the Jewish Prayer book, also known as Siddur, for God of Israel’s title.

star of david tattoo meaning
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the star of david tattoo
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Star of David has a vital significance in Jewish culture and religion. Chinese culture also finds the symbol as the union of females and makes origins of yang and yin. The hexagonal Star has never had a negative meaning. 

It resembles the highest moral deeds in its definition. According to the point of view, the Star of David is the Tattoo that prescribes the ethical principles for choosing it. Although there are no official statistics, the Star of David’s image is said to be inked by the people believing in their hearts, honesty, and highest moral principles.

tribal star of David tattoo
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star of David tattoo designs
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The Star of David is also called the “Shield of David” and is one of the most potent symbols for Judaism. It is a six-pointed star that reflects the interactions of humans and Divine powers. It can also be referred to as the “Creator’s Star” as the six points symbolize a day in the week and its center represents the Sabbath.

Star Of David tattoo symbol meaning

The Star of David images is relatively widespread among the many tattoo makers. The symbol has its history dating back to 1950 when a book was released in France describing the best tattoos available over that period. According to that book, the hexagonal kind of tattoos was applied for seamen. 

It was then believed that the symbol is an amulet and allows people to reach back to their abode after a long journey. Russian Scoundrels are used to wearing the Star of David’s tattoos, Quadrangular stars, and stellar octangular. However, they did not believe in the political regime. The hexagram without permission was not allowed, and the makers and wearers were both punished and can even be killed.

Star of David Tattoo Interpretations

The Tattoo has many interpretations for its association with the seventh number. Seven is also known as Archangels of God, and according to Judaism, it has its religious importance stating that six days are for the creation and the seventh day is for rest. 

hamsa tattoo ideas

Similar to the Jewish Menorah, the star of David is a traditional symbol. Due to its linkage with the light and the geometric structure, i.e., 3+3+1, which relates it to the seven branches of Menorah.

One of the other meanings is extracted from the word David itself. According to the Hebrew, the David word comprises three characters consisting of two “D.”

 In ancient times the “D” represents the triangle, just like the Greek Letter, also known as “Delta.” According to Zoroastrianism, the symbol represents the hexagram, also called the “King’s Star.” The symbol also has astrological significance and signifies the astrological charts for David’s atonement as the king or his birth.

Star of David in Judaism

In Judaism, the Star of David is composed of two overlaid triangles forming a six-pointed star. The symbol can be seen on Jewish tombstones, synagogues, and tattoos. Historically the Star Of David symbol is not related to the Jews; it originated in antiquity as a five-pointed star and was readily used in decoration. 

In the Middle ages, the symbol was seen among jews but did have any religious significance and was found in medieval cathedrals. The Magen David term in Jewish liturgy is known for signifying God as the only protector or shield for David. It gained magical powers for the king’s David shield as earlier, non-Jewish mystical tradition referred to one of the five-pointed Star, also known as “seal of Solomon.”

3d star of david tattoo
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accidental star of david tattoo
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The Kabbalists spread the symbol as a tool for protecting humanity from evil spirits. In Prague, the Jewish community was the first to have the Star of David as their official symbol. From the 17th century, this six-pointed Star became the official seal for the Jewish community and a sign for Judaism. 

The symbol does not owe any Talmudic or biblical authority. In the 19th century, the Jews adopted the Star Of David as the Zionism movement’s formal symbol.

Star of David Tattoo on Hand Meaning

The Star of David tattoo is usually78 engraved on the upper or back part of the arm, forearm, and shoulder. Its placement on hands symbolizes a respectful attitude towards everything. Many types of images can be found online, and you can look for support to help you out where you can place your Tattoo on your body.

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star of david and wings tattoo meaning
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star of david arm tattoo
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For getting the Star of David on your body, it always needs a master to ink. The master should be a kind of enlightened and artist. Else there can be an opposite effect that can turn the pentagram down, and the Tattoo is perceived as a sign of Satanism and slogan. At times it can also be considered as the evilest and powerful personification of Satan. In many cultures, it is still used for devil incarnations.

Star of David Tattoo for men

Most of the time, men get their arms and extended parts inked with the Star of the David tattoo. The Tattoo can be placed at the upper arm, forearms, back shoulders, wrist, fingers, elbow, etc. The Star of David has its meaning while it is placed on various parts.

best star of david tattoo
star of david neck tattoo

For instance, if inked on upper arms, it means boldness, endurance, and strength. Else on forearms, it entails hard work and resilience. Similarly, the Tattoo symbolizes the desire to fly soar or high to conquer the challenge for the back shoulder. 

star of david and cross tattoo
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cool star of david tattoos
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In Finger, if it is the ring finger, it represents loyalty or commitment towards something. The Middle Finger is also used for placing any sacred tattoo as one of the attached veins connecting to the heart. People spending time in prison get the Tattoo done on the elbow. It’s an excellent place for people who do not want to give a miss. On the wrist, it symbolizes achievements that are quite dear to you.

Star of David Tattoo Ideas

Star of David Tattoo can be amalgamated with various other pictures. Teens love to get them inked with multiple other tattoos. The image will be depending upon the expert’s creativity, like the borderline of the Tattoo can be darkened or made broader as per the liking of the bearer. 

star of david tattoo idea
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meaningful star of david tattoo
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Some like to have a boundary around, while others want to opt for different images in the middle. Different colors are also used while drawing the symbol, and its likeability depends upon the skin pigment of the person and even on his requirements.

Star of David Tattoo on chest

In the early 20th century, the Star of David was the symbol used for expressing Jewish affiliations for the sports. The Jewish Sports known as Hakoah Vienna, founded in 1909 Austria, Vienna allowed their team to wear Star of the David in the uniforms and won the Austrian league soccer championship in 1925. 

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star of david tattoo ideas
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Next was when the Philadelphia Spas team for basketball in Philadelphia was seen wearing a big star for David on their uniforms, claiming their Jewish Identity in the 20th century. When Jewish people engaged the Star of David Tattoo in the sports section and started wearing it on their chest. Many men still like to wear the symbol on their chest.

star of david tattoo small

3D Star of David Tattoo

3D, in itself, is the iconic incarnation of any image. When you have it for the Star of David, it will symbolize a difference and unique look that will appeal to every eye. The 3D image can be engraved on individuals and looks perfect on their body parts. You can also buy a temporary 3D image Star of David Tattoo to apply on your skin and check its look. Any expert can help you with the same.

Star of David Temporary Tattoo

If you want to wear a Temporary Star of David Tattoo, you can buy it from an e-commerce website. Many online platforms are selling temporary Star of David Tattoos to apply to their skin and check its appearance and suitability for them. 

star of david tattoo pics
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From Ali Express

They are available in various sizes, and you can remove them once you do not want to wear them. Check the online platform in detail for the application instructions of the Tattoo.

Star of David Tattoo Small

There can be small incarnations of the Star of David Tattoo amidst other tattoos. It depends on an individual’s preference for how he would like to help himself with the Tattoo on his body and size. The bearer should speak to the expert about his views about the Star of the David tattoo before getting it inked on your body. 

If you have some religious interest in the Tattoo, speak to the expert to help you place the Tattoo right on your body. Tribal Star of David Tattoo: Polynesian tribe usually look for making black Star of David Tattoos. They tend to combine the Star of David with their heritage and ink on their skin. Tribal form of Star of David Tattoo is available in many ways depending upon the heritage they want to associate. 


The Star of David tattoo is quite famous and popular in the teens and younger generation as it is made as per their preference and choice. Lots of tattoo makers also offer tattoos in many places that can be seen by others. In Israel, it is a fashion statement nowadays because having it on their body tends to support the Tattoo.

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