Star of David vs Pentagram

Star of David vs. Pentagram: Everything You Need to Know

The difference between Star of David and Pentagram triangles has always been a point of confusion for people worldwide. Both these symbols have been present with us since ancient times. But not many people knew the meaning and importance of these symbols. Different countries have also used these symbols for their flags and signs. 

In this article, we will look at the Star of David Vs. Pentagram. Many occultists have tried to interpret the meaning of the human body in the Pentagram. For them, the four corners of the Pentagram represent legs, hands, and the head of a human.

To understand the meaning of Star of David Vs. Pentagram, we need to look at different aspects and philosophies. Let’s try to dive deeper into the importance and difference between 5 and 6 pointed stars.

What is the Star of David?

The six-pointed Star of David Jewish symbol is ordinary for Jewish people and Judaism. The sign looks like two stars superimposed on each other. If you are thinking about getting 6 point star meaning, you need to know about ancient Jewish culture and History.

In the 17th Century, the Jewish part of Vienna was marked with a hexagram, and it was separated from the rest of the country. The Star of David became an important part of the synagogue architecture in all countries where ever Jewish people established their communities. 

The Star of David’s actual meaning is not exact yet; one of the medieval Jewish Holy Books explains that the six points of the Star describe the six attributes of male God in union with the seventh Female Goddess Sefirah.

The modern version of this symbol got its meaning from philosopher Franz Rosenzweig. He describes the two interlocking triangles as the representation of creation, revelation, and redemption. The corners of the second Star represent Man, the world, and God. 

Nowadays, the Star of David is used in Israel flags, Jewish and Israeli institutions, synagogues, Jewish religious objects and symbols, jewelry designs, and Judaica objects like Kiddush cups, Jewish gifts. Some people also tattoo the Star of David on their bodies or using a temporary tattoo.  

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What is Pentagram?

The pentagram triangles have garnered huge controversy in the western world. It is often represented as a symbol of Satanism and has historically been banned in schools. Different infographics, memes, and articles about the true meaning of Pentagram are flooded on the internet. 

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In the 15th Century, an occultist, Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, popularized the magical symbol and said that the symbol represented five elements that include fire, water, earth, air, and idea.

As per many occultists, the Pentagram represents the five human body parts: two legs, two hands, and a head. But the inverted pentagram meaning is related to satan or devil in Christianity. The distinction between wrong and right pentagon controversy is still present in the western society. Like the Star of David emblem, the pentagram emblem appears in art, jewelry, and as a tattoo, permanent or temporary.

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Star of David vs. Pentagram

History of Star of David

The Star of David is also known as the shield of David or Magen David in Hebrew. The origin of the Star of David cannot be traced back to the Bible or Talmud. But as per many studies by Historians, the Star resembles the shape of King David’s shield. Nothing can be verified for sure about the Star of David’s origin, and different articles have been written about it.

The first use began when Holy Roman Emperor and king of Bohemian Charles IV authorized the Czech’s Jewish to use the flags featuring the Star of David. Thus, the Jewish community in Prague became the first user of this symbol.

The Star of David also represents the darkest hour under Nazi-occupied Europe when Jewish people were forced to wear the yellow badge with Jude inscribed in the Star of David. The establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 led to the Star of David emblem’s ultimate use. After centuries of unofficial Jewish symbol, the Star of David is embedded between two blue lines (representing the tallit) on Israel’s flag.

History of Pentagram

The History of Pentagram and Pentagram meaning dates back to 300 BC. The symbol was initially discovered from the artifacts in Mesopotamia. The Pentagram was a symbol of fascination for ancient Greece, and it was also used for religious purposes in the ancient city of Babylon. It is also said to be present in ancient Christianity for nearly 500 years. The five points on the Pentagram represented the five points of the wound of Christ. 

In Judaism, the Pentagram was used as an official seal in Jerusalem at around 150-300 BCE. In Jewish tradition, the Pentagram represents Justice, mercy, and wisdom. There is a rich history of Pentagram, but now, it is used mostly in witchcraft and other rituals and practices.

Star of David Vs. Pentagram

If you look at the shape and structure, the Pentagram consists of five pints while there are 6 points in the Star of David. Some forms also represent the Star of David as a six-pointed star in a circle. But, the actual difference between both of these shapes goes beyond their shape and structure.

There are differences between the ancient rituals, the attached philosophies, and the religious belief attached to both of these symbols. The most crucial difference between the Star of David and Pentagram is that Pentagram is used with evil or devil worship. On the other hand, the Star of David is used as a symbol of purity and wisdom. The Jewish use Star of David as a symbol for trusting they’re almighty. 

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Star of David and Cross

As per many occultists, the symbol of the Star of David with Cross is a living faith. It shows confidence in God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. The emblem of the Star of David and a cross are being used in many different opportunities. 

They are representing Jews and gentiles, old and new testaments, Judaism, and Christianity, respectively. These symbols can be seen on synagogues and Churches, Jewish holy books and Christian sacred books, countries flags, art, literature, as well as in jewelry designs and additional opportunities. 

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Over the centuries, the two symbols have represented the two ends of the monotheistic faith.

Christianity has seen Judaism as an enemy of faith that is entitled to live only a life of suffering and sadness that will prove it’s the failing old covenant. At the same time, Christianity is a thriving new covenant. 

For the Jews, the cross symbolized a constant threat to their lives, hatred of Jews, continued persecution on a religious and racial basis, pogroms, and endless murderous campaigns against Jews. The Holocaust was the terrible climax of Christianity’s attitude toward Judaism, the cross in the war against the Star of David. 

The murder of the Jews continued under the auspices of the cross, which, ignored or worse, encouraged the murder in some of the occupied countries during World War 2.

Since World War II, the situation has improved dramatically, especially in the United States and among countries where dominant Christianity is evangelical Christianity. In these places, despite the immanent aspiration of Christianity to convert Jews, the relationship between Christianity and Judaism, the Star of David and the Cross, is a solid relationship of support and friendship.

Star of David Vs. Seal of Soloman

If you look closely, the difference between the Star of David and Seal of Solomon becomes evident. As per the traditions, the Star of David has only 2-Dimensional overlapping triangles, whereas the Seal of Solomon has 3-Dimensional interwoven triangles. Due to the similar shape, sometimes the seal of Solomon is also called the Star of David. But, this is a technically incorrect way to represent the Seal of Solomon. 

Seal of Solomon vs Star of David

In addition to this, the Star of David and the Seal of Solomon have fundamental differences in origin and appearance.

The seal of Solomon was used as an official seal in the reign of King David. In the modern world, the Star of David is used in the Israel flag, and it is seen as a symbol of blessings from Almighty. On the other hand, the Seal of Solomon is used as an amulet to stay away from devils.

Star of David and crescent moon

Star of David and crescent moon

The Star of David represents the history, culture, and religious beliefs of the Jewish people. It shows God’s rule over the universe in six directions, i.e., North, South, East, West, up and down.

In ancient times, the holy Hebrew word Magen David meant the Shield of King David. Poetically, this meant the rule of almighty.

The symbol acknowledges that king David who won many wars in Israel’s land, had the ultimate support and faith of the almighty. 

The symbol of the crescent moon is used in many Islamic structures. However, it has no special meaning attached. The Muslims don’t hold the emblem to be too sacred, but it has been widely used these days. The crescent represents progress, and the stars represent knowledge and light. In addition to this, the five points in Star also means the five pillars of Islam.

Star of David and Wings

These days the Star of David with wings is used as a tattoo, and people worldwide love it. The younger generation is going for this tattoo as they believe that the symbol will protect them like an amulet, and it will help them come back from long navigation or journey. 

Historically not much information is available about the symbol, but it is widely used these days to return to roots.

The symbol also represents the harmony between the physical world and the world beyond. Thus, the specific meaning of the Star of David and wings is not possible. Find here more about the Star of David tattoo. 

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Star of David and Christianity

In terms of symbolism, the Star of David and Christianity has no special linkages, and often Christians call the symbol an occult sign. But, the symbol holds special meaning for people who are Jewish Christians.

If and when Jewish converts to Christianity, from a Christianity point of view, he/she doesn’t have to lose their Jewishness. Instead, they understand the heritage more deeply. For them, the Star of David represents the commitment to Jewish heritage and God’s promised land. 

Thus, the Star of David’s symbol, when attached to Christianity, has no special meaning attached to it. But, people may attach meaning to it as per their circumstances.


This article is written to provide you information on Star of David Vs. Pentagram. Structurally, both of these symbols are different, geometrically, and also different as per their meaning. While the Star of David shows King David’s victory and strength, who was a ruler in Jerusalem, the Pentagram has more devilish meaning as per many Christian Philosophers. 

We hope the article will help you understand the true essence and symbolic meaning of the Star of David Vs. Pentagram. Do you see any additional differences? Let us know please in the comments below. 


What does the Six-pointed Star symbolize?

The six-pointed star has a specific meaning in all religions. Thus, it can’t be said that the symbol exclusively represents Judaism. Other religions like Buddhism and Hinduism have also used the six-pointed stars to represent and symbolize particular meanings.

Muslims have also used the Six-pointed stars to symbolize the tenants of Islam. But, presently, The six-pointed stars are mostly used in the context of Judaism. As per a modern philosopher named Franz Rosenzweig, the six-pointed star is called the star of redemption, and the corners of the star represent creation, revelation, and redemption. The three other corners represented man, the world, and God. 

The hexagram is also used in different Christian texts and as a form of architecture in churches. In Christianity, the Six-pointed Star mostly symbolizes creation. Thus, the meaning of the six points varies depending upon religion, region, and the context of use.

What does a Pentagram Mean?

The Pentagram meaning has been in controversy since the time immortal. The Pentagram symbol has been in existence since ancient times, and the meaning and pentagram magic has changed over the years. The five-pointed star symbol has been used in different religions and cultures. Most uses of the Pentagram in the west have been attributed to use in occult science.

Occults believe that Pentagram offers different meanings and significance:

  • The human body with a head, two legs, and two arms
  • The five organs and the senses – smell, touch, hearing, taste, and sight – are associated with it.
  • It also represents five elements of fire, earth, spirit, water, and air.

One of the most renowned occult science experts, Golden Dawn, thinks that Pentagram represents the rule of spirit over the physical world. Many western philosophers believe that the inverted Pentagram meaning shows the presence of the devil or satan.  

In some cultures, Pentagram also represents the union of opposites. It means the union of male and female, the Star of morning and night, and the victory and death. Thus, different interpretations and definitions are available regarding the meaning of Pentagram. It depends upon the users the meaning he/she wants to derive from the symbol.

How do you say the Star of David in Hebrew?

The Star of David is called Magen David in Hebrew. The symbol has been associated with Jewish culture since time immortal. A stone bearing the Star of David has been present in Synagogue in Galilee since the 3rd Century. Although many people believe it to be for decorative purposes, different meanings are attached to the Star of David.

The term Magen David was first used in the 11th Century as the name for God of Israel. The name is given as God is compared to a shield that protected King David in Israel. In Jewish scriptures, the Star of Davids represents God, who saves the universe from six directions. I was,e. East, West, North, South, Up, and Down.

In modern times, the symbol represents different meanings, and it is also used for other ornamental and decorative purposes.

What is the upside-down Star?

The upside-down Star means a Pentagram. It is a 5-pointed star that has a history dating back to Sumerian times. The upside-down has different meanings and connotations attached. Some of the substances include:

  • The five seeds of Chronos
  • The five wound of Christ
  • The five elements
  • Five body parts

These are the positive meanings attached to the symbol. The most common definition that people give to the upside pentagram triangles is that it represents evil and satan.

Traditionally, the upside pentagram or triangle was used in the context of spirit. The inverted shape shows that the matter is elevated over the soul. 

Satan’s church, who adopted this symbol, says that the upside-down Pentagram represents the path of materialism followed by humans. 

Although many meanings are attached to the upside-down Pentagram, mostly people opine that it has a negative and devilish meaning attached

What does the 5 point star mean?

The 5-pointed Star means Pentagram, and each point has specific meanings attached to it. The upward points of the Star represent spirit. The other four points represent air, earth, water, and fire.  

Some philosophers also claim that the Star represents the union of opposites. It means the union of a man and a woman. In some cultures like Jewish, the five-pointed stars were also used to stay away from all types of evils. It was a shield that was used to protect humans from evils so that they can stay protected.

What does the mason star mean?

The name Order also knows the Mason star of the Eastern Star. The star symbol was discovered by a lawyer and educator named Rob Morris. The order is based on the teachings of the Bible. But, the use of mason stars is open to people of all religions. The emblem of this order is five-pointed stars—a white ray coming points towards the manager.

The order celebrates the life of 5 biblical women named Adah, Ruth, Esther, Martha, and Electa. Each woman represents different attributes like fidelity, constancy, loyalty, faith, and love. 

What was the Star of David used for?

The Star of David is widely known to represent Judaism, and presently it is also used in flags of different countries.

The symbol also has emotional meaning for people belonging to the Judaism religion and those associated with the Holocaust. Even today, the Star of David has special meaning for Jews. The exact History of the Star of David is unknown, but many people opine that it was modeled after the shield of a famous warrior from Israel known as David. 

What does a 7-point star mean?

The 7 point star or the Heptagram has different meanings attached to it, and it has been in existence for centuries. One of the significant implications attached to it is found in the Kabbalistic traditions.

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In this tradition, the 7 point star symbolizes the sphere of Venus and the power of love. The symbol also represents different meanings in Christian traditions and cultures. One of the significant importance of the 7 point star in Christianity is related to the sign of protection.

The 7 points signify the perfection of God and the seven days of the creation of God. As the popularity of the symbol grew, many more meanings got attached to it. 

Some people even opine that the 7 points represent seven different directions. Thus, the exact meaning of the 7 point star is not clear yet. Different regions attach different meanings to the symbol, and the meaning changes depending upon the culture, traditions, and religion.

What does the name David mean in the Bible?

David was a founder of a dynasty in Jerusalem that lasted for almost 350 years. He has a significant impact on the History of Jerusalem, and information about him is reflected in the Deuteronomic History, the prophets, the Psalms, and the New Testament. 

The majority of information about David is mentioned in the accounts in Samuel. In Samuel, David is described as a man after his own (God’s) heart. King David was an essential character in the Hebrew Bible and Christianity.

David especially means Beloved. The name has been famous since the time immortal, and King David and his greatness is still known. Thus, Biblically, David means Beloved, and it is a character in the Bible that shows the greatest of the early kings.

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