Do You Want To Know What Is Heaven Like?

Heaven refers to a cosmological haven that is known to be the home of God, deities, angels, deceased souls, and other cosmic beings. Different religions such as Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. depict heaven in various formats, albeit the crux remains the same.

Almost all the cultures believe that the way to heaven lies in following the code laid down in their holy books, such as Bible in Judaism, Geeta in Hinduism, Quran in Islam, and many more.

These cultures paint a beautiful and unique image of heaven in the reader’s eye ranging from the Silver City of Bible to the lavish Amravati of the Hindus.

Heaven is frequently depicted as a “most noteworthy spot”, the holiest spot, a paradise, rather than hell or the Hidden world or the “low places” and all-around or restrictively available by natural creatures as indicated by different norms of godliness, goodness, devotion, confidence, or different excellencies or right convictions or essentially perfect will. Some have faith in the chance of a Heaven on Earth in a world to come.

What is heaven like in the Bible and Judaism?

The kingdom of heaven is like a sanctuary for living beings after they have been deceased. The Bible describes heaven as the grand city ruled by God. A crystal-clear river emanates from the throne and is marked by trees on either side which produces multiple types of fruits. 

The streets are made of pure gold while the city walls are adorned with all kinds of precious stones. Heaven is illuminated by God as he is the light himself and there is no need for Sun, Moon, or other heavenly bodies.

According to the Jewish culture and Jewish holy books, their heaven is called Shamayim. Jewish people believe that Shamayim is a city where one enters in the afterlife. It is ruled by God, seated on a throne and surrounded by angels with an emerald pavement leading to the city. 

This is a vague description of their heaven as Jewish culture promotes symbolism and interprets a picture of heaven, rather than a fixed vivid description, thus allowing for freedom of choice to its believers.

Heaven is a typical term in the Book of the bible, utilized for the sky; for the space past our air; and for God’s home. In Christianity, Jesus regularly discusses the Realm of heaven as a current reality with a future last satisfaction.

In the Old Testament, the Jewish word Shamayim is the essential word deciphered as heaven. The NIV Word Study Word reference characterizes this word as “locale over the earth: the sky: the spot of the stars, sky, air; heaven: the undetectable domain of God.” As should be obvious, it has an assortment of uses. - Discover Christian Gifts from the Holy Land

What is heaven like in Christianity?

The Christianculture informs us about heaven in the form of various verses of the Bible. Revelation 11:12 describes heaven as a place where God resides, and the place known as heaven is covered in a cloud. John 14:1-3 compares heaven to a mansion with many rooms whereas Revelation 21 compares heaven to an enormous city teeming with people. 

Philippians 3:20 states that their citizenship is in heaven. And they eagerly wait for a Savior from heaven who is known as the Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible mentions many more verses that describe heaven and help the believers and the faithful to become better beings, as it has been mentioned that if a person lives a good life while following the teachings of Jesus Christ, then they will enter heaven in the afterlife.

Christian convictions about eternal life depend on the restoration of Jesus Christ. Christians accept that Jesus’ demise and restoration are a piece of God’s awesome arrangement for mankind. Through his death on the cross, Jesus takes care of the punishment for mankind’s wrongdoing and humanity’s relationship with God is reestablished. 

This is called the atonement. Christians accept that three days after the torturous killing(crucifixion), God raised Jesus from the dead and he indeed appeared to his supporters. This is interpreted as meaning that Jesus’ penance was a triumph over sin and death. Although physical passing despite everything occurs, the individuals who have confidence in Christ and carry on with great lives will be given unceasing life in Heaven.

What is heaven like in Hinduism?

According to Hindu Culture and people, heaven is known as Swarga Lok or the Heavenly Kingdom. This is said to be ruled by Indra, the ruler of all Swarga Lok. All the Devatas (Gods) reside in Swarga Lok. According to Hindu belief, heaven is not the final pursuit as it is ephemeral and related to the physical body. 

A person attains Moksha or salvation only after he or she undergoes self-realization and is thus free from the continuous cycle of birth and death. Most Hindus believe in life after death. That is also called reincarnation. Hindus also believe that at the hour of death, the divinity of death – Yama visits and removes the withdrawn soul (Atma).

The record-keeping god – Chitragupta, check the deeds and wrongdoings of the Atma. At that point, heaven or hell is allocated. The individuals who make trouble in heaven are kicked out and are reviled to experience another life on earth. Moreover, each soul is allocated a set number of births and passing, human or something else.

Until that number is finished, Atma comes back from heaven or hell to undergo another life on earth. Some souls, with awesome deeds, are delivered from the pattern of rebirth. Those with unfulfilled wants and connections are sent back for meandering around their precious ones. 

Some solid willed meandering spirits do figure out how to impact feeble headed living people and settle in that living body, obscure to anyone, in this manner keep on appreciating joys of life.

What is heaven like in Buddhism?

According to Buddhist culture and peoplethere are various kinds of heavens. All of them are a divine part of samsara (illusionary reality)They do believe in escaping the eternal cycle of birth and entering nirvana (the mental state of enlightenment). Buddhist cosmology believes in the theory of impenetrable planes.

And out of all the planes, humans live in the human realm. In the holy book of Buddhism “the tripitakan”, it mentions the division of various heavens based on purity, light and the cause of birth. Buddhism has confidence in the people who have gathered good karma and end up in one of the heavens, anyway, their stay isn’t viewed as lasting, as they are soon expected to utilize their good karma to experience a rebirth in another realm as an individual, other being or creature. 

Rebirth is the philosophical idea of our brains beginning another life in an alternate physical body or structure after each organic demise. Buddhism carefully underlines the temporariness of life, unmistakably expressing in different lessons that the pattern of birth, mature age, and demise is an inescapable one. 

In basic terms, demise isn’t viewed as a last demonstration of a day to day existence finishing, rather, it is the finish of the body that you occupy, and your soul or awareness will wander indiscriminately and look for connection as another life in another body.

What is heaven like in Islam?

According to Islam culture, heaven looks like a beautiful garden with blooming flowers in it. The Quran has described Heaven as gardens of pleasure. Muslims believe in seven levels of heaven and the first heaven is the pure house of Adam and Eve. 

Their god named Allah holds the supreme power and walking on the path decided by Allah can give them an entry in one of the seven heavens. People do not disregard the teachings of the Quran. Following the rules which are believed to be set by Allah is the key to enter the kingdom of heaven. Islam believes in Jannah mentioned in Quran which when translated means “Heaven”. 

The followers of Islam believe in the afterlife that is also called Akhirah-Briefly no soul may die without God’s permission at a predestined time. Muslims think they can make up to heaven only if they live religiously, asking Allah for forgiveness and showing good actions in their life. 

Myths and misconceptions about heaven

The ghostly creatures in heaven have wings.

It is not okay to believe that there are ghostly creatures in heaven neither is it okay to believe that they have wings on their backs. 

Heaven is located among the clouds

We are told through many stories and movies that the kingdom of heaven is built on clouds. The Bible does not mention that our afterlife will be spent in the sky or clouds. The concept is not located in Jewish culture and Jewish holy books

We will spend eternity in heaven

It would be wrong to believe that your afterlife will be spent in Heaven. The concept of a new Earth and Heaven comes into existence. After God’s judgment, he will again be the creator of a new world where he intends to live with his people. 

Our memory will eventually vanish after entering heaven

It is the biggest misconception about heaven and its functions. We do not forget our former lives. We will live the same character as we would have done on Earth. Holy Scriptures do not indicate any kind of information about our memory and our former lives.

People’s claim about heaven as they’ve been to heaven

When people claim that they have seen heaven is just an act of total unconsciousness while they were ill or under some sedation. It is practically not possible for a living person to see and feel heaven. If you die once, then only you would be able to see and feel heaven and you wouldn’t return to Earth after entering the gates of heaven.

Where is heaven located?

The Holy Bible mentions in the very first line that heaven was created along with the Earth’s creation.  In Shamayim the word heaven indicates the sky but it doesn’t mean that it is eternal creation. It is just a part of God’s creation. 

The area of heaven is something about which many have inquired. The Book of scriptures (Bible) expects heaven is a genuine spot and notices it regularly. However, where is heaven? In Christianity, 2 Corinthians 12:1-4, the apostle Paul referred to this paradise or “heaven” as a great realm or as the “third paradise.” This area was independent of the first heaven (the skies above) and the second heaven (the territory of space). Rather heaven exists in a non-physical realm in which God is entirely present. 

While the area of heaven is non-physical and undetectable to living creatures on earth at present, Christianity depicts the last reality wherein there will be another paradise, new earth, and new heaven city (Revelation 21—22). At this future time, the entirety of God’s kin will abide with Him in this new domain forever.

Why heaven is important even if I don’t believe in heaven

If you believe that physical death is the absolute end of human existence, understanding heaven is important for you to understand the world in which you live. A world where at least a few billion people believe they will be entitled to go to heaven if they behave as God expects them to.

Many leaders and influential people lead their lives in the belief that they will be privileged to reach heaven in certain religious circumstances. Unfortunately, throughout human history, many people have done and still do, horrible deeds out of a completely wrong understanding that these deeds will be pleasing to the eyes of their God and bring them to heaven.

Therefore the understanding of “what is heaven” is very important to understand the world in which we live and what is one of the important factors that motivate many human beings.

If you don’t believe in Heaven but you do believe in any kind of continuity or existence after death. Doesn’t it feel odd when you think about the questions like – 

“Would I be existing somewhere?”

“Or will I vanish just like ash?”

“What part of me will stay alive?”

“What will happen to that part? Where will he go? Where he will stay alive?”

“Where will I go after I die?”

“Will there be anyone to welcome my mind and my soul?”

“Will I be able to feel myself?”

There must be something to contain you after you die. There should be something where we can realize who we were before our death. 

Jewish culture describes heaven as a divine plan for humankind. The God of heaven will be there to welcome you is the most important aspect of believing in heaven. Second, heaven is important to restore your soul as it gets detached from your body. Heaven provides you various wonders which you can experience in your afterlife. It is like open invitations to experience those wonders even if you are dead.

Who can enter heaven?

According to Judaism, entering heaven is of course according to God’s decision based on your actions in this world. Have you fulfilled your obligations to God? And even if you have fulfilled your obligations to God, that is not enough. 

Have you behaved properly towards other people? Did you honor your parents? Were you a good parent? Have you given charity and helped the weaker of you?

Every act and deed of man is weighed after his life. Sometimes, a person will have to pay for his sins even before entering heaven, and only then will he be able to enter.

According to Christianity, the kingdom of Heaven can be entered by satisfying below mentioned bullets:

  • You shall not murder anybody.
  • God says, “Not everybody who says to me ‘Lord, Lord’ will enter the kingdom of heaven” 
  • Jesus himself said that unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God
  • An open invitation to pure souls. 
  • The one who has lived a sinless life on Earth is always welcomed.
  • A believer of God will be showered with His love and care.

How can you get to heaven?

I’m certain you’ve heard it said previously, “Just two things in life are sure: death and expenses.” Many people don’t get worried about expenses (even though we don’t care for them).

Nonetheless, death is something that we as a whole face with some uneasiness. What happens to us when we die? Do you wonder what comes next? Will you exist by any means? Is there any heaven and hell?

Numerous individuals have confidence in heaven and hell, and the vast majority of people expect that they will go to Heaven when they die. Is this just confident reasoning? Could there be a way to make it certain that there is Heaven and that we will enter Heaven when we die?

Many people do believe that God furnished us His response to that question in the Bible, a book composed over hundreds of years by a wide range of men motivated by God to record His words exactly. The Book of scriptures depicts both a strict spot called Heaven and an exacting spot of judgment called Hell. 

A few people accept they will go to Heaven since they are a decent individual. If we believe that going to Heaven necessitates being good, at that point we should ask ourselves are we good enough? Or How good do we need to be? Regardless of whether we’re superior to average or superior to most, is that good enough? Once more, how might we be Certain we are destined for Heaven? 

A few people accept they will go to Heaven since they put stock in the presence of God. In any case, the Book of scriptures discloses to us that even the demons (evil angels) know about God and trust in Him, in any event, shaking in dread of Him (James 2:19).

All things considered, the Good book -Bible likewise guarantees us that evil spirits will never enter Heaven regardless of their familiarity with God. This implies only recognizing the presence of God is insufficient to pick up us access to Heaven. 

Will I meet people I know in Heaven?

It’s hard to have the answer to all the questions about heaven. But, belief in the existence of heaven also includes the faith that we will find our families and known people in Heaven.

However, Judaism is not specific about the people we will meet in heaven although there are such statements about those entering heaven. They are guaranteed to sit there with the fathers of the nation and the righteous. As a rule, religious Jews believe that they will meet those close to them in heaven, after their death. 

According to Christianity, we all will be a huge family and will be grateful to live with the almighty. It says, “For the trumpet will sound, the dead will be raised imperishable and we will be changed but we’ll still know each other.” Our appearance will change since God will give us new bodies. Those bodies will never develop old or tired, nor will they ever encounter agony or enduring or death. 

What is heaven like near-death experiences?

All of our lives one thought remains constant in our minds. 

What happens to us when we die? Will we meet our loved ones there? What’s heaven like? 

Jewish tradition speaks of the soul and it tells us that after one dies he enters into ‘Olam Haba’. It was a phrase coined by our ancient sages which simply means the world to come. 

The spiritual leaders and the ones who are believed to talk to Almighty described it as a non-earthly existence where one could experience out-of-body sensations, being greeted by loved ones, being bathed in divine light, attaining wisdom, undergoing a final life accounting, and being enveloped with a sense of peace and serenity. This is quite similar to near-death experiences people have. 

Many people who have reported to have such experiences have told how they were greeted by their loved ones in heaven and saw them laughing and talking to one another. They also told us how they saw divine light and attained wisdom. They also saw themselves going through a life review there. 

All such teachings are available in the sacred texts of Judaism. Each one of us has the possibility of mixing these lessons into our lives without having to undergo a Near Death Experience.

What does heaven look like in real life?

For those who believe, heaven is not a Mythical spot. Also, although we can’t start to understand its splendor, the bible gives us a wonderful depiction of the spot in which the individuals who enter heaven will spend Eternity. 

  1. According to Maimonides’ approach, heaven will be a union of the soul with God
  2. The Hebrews state that Heaven will be a city built solely for worship.

Unlike Judaism, Christianity has a much more physical conception of heaven and therefore contains more physical descriptions of heaven.

  1. According to Christianity, dwelling with Jesus in Mansions – John 14:2-3
  2. Revelation states that people from all cultures and backgrounds will worship Jesus.
  3. According to Revelation, Heaven will inculcate the emotions of Joy, Peace and Praise.
  4. Great Storm in Heaven & The Ark of the Covenant
  5. Jesus Leads Armies Clothed in White on White Horses
  6. Precious Gemstones will Adorn Heaven – Revelation 
  7. Heaven Will Have Pearl Gates & Streets of Gold – Revelation
  8. The Tree of Life in Heaven – Revelation 22:2
  9. The Light of God in Heaven – Revelation 22:4-5

Do animals go to heaven?

According to Judaism, animals do not have a soul and therefore neither does the soul remain. And if there is no soul left after the physical death, of course, there is also no meaning to having paradise for animals.

According to Christianity, the Bible instructs that out of the considerable number of animals and humans on earth, just a set number of people will go to paradise (revelation 14:1, 3). They go there to lead as rulers and ministers with Jesus (Luke 22:28-30; revelation 5:9, 10) by far most people will be revived to life on heaven earth (Hymn 37:11, 29). 

There is no mention in the bible for pet heaven or dog heaven—and light of current circumstances. Creatures can’t take the steps expected to qualify “the heavenly calling” (Hebrews 3:1).  These steps remember taking in knowledge, practicing confidence, and complying with God’s orders (Matthew 19:17; John 3:16; 17:3). Just humans were made with the possibility of living everlastingly (Genesis 2:16, 17; 3:22, 23). 

To go to heaven, earthly creatures must be restored (1 Corinthians 15:42). The bible makes reference to various resurrections (1 Rulers 17:17-24; 2 Rulers 4:32-37; 13:20, 21; Luke 7:11-15; 8:41, 42, 49-56; John 11:38-44; Acts 9:36-42; 20:7-12). In any case, all of them included people, not creatures.

What is heaven like bible verses?

Heaven is a subject of wild theory. Unlike Christianity and Islam, paradise according to the conception of Judaism is a much more abstract place. A place of spiritual experience that stems from the connection of the soul to the God who created it. There are no physical pleasures, no black-eyed virgins and no tasty foods.

Christians over the world draw up what they figure heaven will resemble, and what it will resemble to live there. Heaven is a genuine spot where the individuals will live after they die, so it is not a shock that Christians need to learn as much as possible about what it will be like. 

There may be many misconceptions about it. Heaven but what the bible educates about it is different from what many may accept. Some verses that tell about heaven are:

And the LORD God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed

8. he will swallow up death forever. The Sovereign LORD will wipe away the tears from all faces; he will remove his people’s disgrace from all the earth. The LORD has spoken. 9. In that day they will say, “Surely this is our God; we trusted in him, and he saved us. This is the LORD, we trusted in him; let us rejoice and be glad in his salvation.” 10. The hand of the LORD will rest on this mountain; but Moab will be trampled in their land as straw is trampled down in the manure. 11. They will stretch out their hands in it, as swimmers stretch out their hands to swim. God will bring down their pride despite the cleverness of their hands. 12. He will bring down your high fortified walls and lay them low; he will bring them down to the ground, to the very dust.

You were in Eden,the garden of God; every precious stone adorned you: carnelian, chrysolite and emerald, topaz, onyx and jasper,lapis lazuli, turquoise and beryl.[b] Your settings and mountings[c] were made of gold; on the day you were created they were prepared.

I made it beautiful with abundant branches, the envy of all the trees of Eden in the garden of God.

They will say, "This land that was laid waste has become like the garden of Eden; the cities that were lying in ruins, desolate and destroyed, are now fortified and inhabited."

Fire consumes before it and a flame blazes after it; before it, the land was like the Garden of Eden, and in its wake is a desert wasteland; neither does it have a remnant.

He will speak against the Most High and oppress his holy people and try to change the set times and the laws. The holy people will be delivered into his hands for a time, times and half a time.

Best books about heaven?

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Best songs about heaven

Best movies about heaven

The Shack

The Shack offers an imaginative take on affection, misfortune, and God. In the movie, a father spends a weekend discussing faith when her daughter goes missing. 

Heaven is for real

Heaven is for real, is a movie based on a true story. In the movie, a 4-year old boy tells his father that he has seen heaven and his experiences. The father is forced to believe in the afterlife and God’s power. 

Miracles from Heaven

Miracles from heaven is a true story is about a mother who fights for her daughter’s health who is diagnosed with a disorder that leaves her unable to eat while testing the mother’s faith like never before.

Defending your life

Defending your life is a fantasy comedy movie is about a man who shows up in Judgment City after his demise and should safeguard his life choices—or be sent back to earth. 


Always is a romantic comedy movie about a pilot who must help his girlfriend find love again after he dies. 


Hereafter movie deals with people who can communicate with the dead. Making the viewers believe in life after death. 


What happens in heaven?

According to the legends, after demise, when someone enters heaven or Paradise, they are met by the archangel Michael, who submits them to God on the altar of the temple located within the heavenly Jerusalem. The deceased soul is then transformed into an angel and becomes a part of Jerusalem and God.

What is heaven like when you die?

The kingdom of heaven is like a peaceful haven where the soul finds solace. According to various urban legends, people claim to have died, briefly entered heaven and then returned back to life. These accounts tell us that Heaven is a place with huge gates and gigantic angels guarding the gates. 

These angels have golden hair and great wings and control the entry to heaven. 

Some people claim to have been to an emerald city, while some express it as a city flooded with light. One thing that these people tell us is that they were rid of all the pain that might have caused them to die and to enter heaven, one needs to shed the body from the soul like clothes from the body.

What will heaven be like?

We often wonder what heaven will be like, when thinking about life. The Jewish holy books and culture inform us of a beautifully high and lofty city, with a grand river passing through the center of the realm ruled by the almighty God with his lamb (Jesus Christ) by his side.

How many people can go to heaven?

Any number of people can go to heaven, as the Holy Bible, nowhere states of a particular number of entrants to the Shamayim.

Who will go to heaven according to the Bible?

According to the Holy Bible, all the people who follow the rules and regulations laid down by God. All those who do good and pray are also allowed in heaven. All these people have faith in God and believe in the Holy Bible.

What is and where is heaven?

Heaven or Shamayim, as described in Jewish holy books, is a place where the God and other celestial beings such as angels reside. It is located on a plane different from the one where our earth is located and is known as the new Jerusalem.

Do pets go to heaven when they die?

According to Judaism, animals will not reach heaven or hell (if that can be a consolation).

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