What is Krav Maga

What is Krav Maga?

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What is Krav Maga about?

Krav Maga is a robust self-defense method developed in Israel. It was designed for help to the military forces in the battling fields of Israel. On the other hand, Krav Maga also relates to boxing, judo, wrestling, jiu-jitsu, and numerous different fighting strategies. 

Krav Maga is renowned for focusing on the situations of the real-world and also known for aggressive counter-attacks. Although, Krav Maga is taught to the police and IDF of Israel to protect themselves from the harmful attack in some complicated situations.

The Philosophy of Krav Maga

The philosophy of Krav Maga makes it unique from any other competitive fighting technique. Beyond other traditional fighting techniques, Krav Maga does nothing that could provide you with fame as a renowned enlightened warrior.

Krav Maga is built for only one aspect ‘self-preservation against violence on the streets.’ Its primary motto claims that you should do nothing like severe harm or death to your offender to escape a violent attack. Krav Maga’s motions are quick. In reality, Krav Maga is without rules and restrictions. Some attacks are strictly prohibited in other competitions, but in Krav Maga, there’s nothing “forbidden.” There are no limitations to it.

It can provide the attacker with real damage. Krav Maga must be productive and equally simple. When Israel’s military demanded a secure system to teach to soldiers, this strategy was brought into action as the best alternative to them.

History of Krav Maga

Krav Maga was developed by Imi Lichtenfeld, who was a Hungarian-Israeli martial artist. Besides, it is believed that this technique originates from skills that belong to street-fighting. Initially, Imi Lichtenfeld started as a wrestler and boxer. 

Later in the late 1940s, he started to provide combat training lessons to the people of Israel since it was important to them to protect themselves from the Nazi forces, fascist groups, to which they have been facing in Bratislava for a long time. 

Thereby later, he succeeded in creating the program, which became known as Krav Maga. Since that time, it has been continuing to utilize military applications, civilian, and police forces.

Facts about Krav Maga

As we said above, Krav Maga is a self-defense fighting technique frequently used by Israel’s military. It is helpful but, at the same time, also illegal to use in public. Besides all other things about it, there are some mind-blowing facts about Krav Maga that are enough to specify its importance. Some of the most noteworthy points about it are as follows:

How to Survive in Violent Situations? Learn from Krav Maga Self-Defense System

In Krav Maga, the first rule is avoiding a violent confrontation. Yet in Krav Maga, throwing out this rule becomes essential when the only alternative remains to fight.

Krav Maga is the Best Exercise for the fitness freak

Daily practicing Krav Maga also tones muscle as it includes vigorous aerobic moves such as punches, kicks, and others. It’s an excellent way to lose weight, improve strength and stamina.

Similarly, in this way, you will not only get better in your physical fitness, but with Krav Maga, you also sharpen your mind through Krav maga workouts.

Size Doesn't Matter in Krav Maga

However, Krav Maga is incredibly easy to learn. No doubt that anyone can learn this as there are no age restrictions. Whether you are short or tall, women or men, you are eligible to practice it since Krav Maga is all about quick movements and providing maximum impact over the opponent, such as striking the groin, opponent’s vision distorting, knocking someone out, or fracturing a knee.

You don’t need to be active in strength. Simultaneously, it becomes perfect for women, because after being acquainted with a few simple techniques, you can easily escape from violent situations.

Learning about Krav Maga is continued by many Celebrities.

Krav maga is the most renowned technique that is also considered better than other fighting techniques. For instance, other fighting methods include some rules, but there’s nothing like that in Krav Maga. That’s why it has also been gripping up popularity among celebrities.

Jessica Chastain, Daniel Craig, Hilary Swank, John Mayer, Ashton Kutcher, and Tom Cruise exist in the top list that learned Krav Maga and prepared for films. Krav Maga isn’t a sport; it is a self-defense technique.

On showing Krav Maga’s move, you’ll not get any bonus point. Besides, Krav Maga is hideous, not gracious. Learning Krav Maga won’t make you a gold medalist, winner, or a champion in any championship. You will be excluded and probably arrested for using Krav Maga publically.

Myths of Krav Maga

Krav Maga is now more famous than ever. Every day, newcomers learn this powerful method of self-defense and progressively develop their bodies and minds. However, it is also a fact that the more renowned something becomes, the quicker rumors continue to circulate. Similarly, that also gives birth to many myths, and some of them are stated below.

Myth 1: Krav Maga is a Martial Art

It is essential to learn the distinction between Krav Maga and martial arts. I agree that historically martial arts are used to train people and nation fighters.  But on the other hand, the concept of Krav maga is distinct from this.

It is not based on educating a fighter to fight. Still, it is based on providing practical defensive skills to an ordinary person so that when they need to protect themselves from an attacker, they easily could shield themselves. Police and soldiers use it, but only to disable a criminal and to handle circumstances of threat. So mainly, the Krav Maga’s goal is to prevent the combat before it gets out of hand. 

Myth 2: Krav Maga is about Fighting

The very first point to remember is that being violent is the same as initiating a fight. It is essential to bear in mind the concept of Krav Maga has its substantial historical base. For instance, it is an art of self-defense, not a way to start a clash.

Its origin belongs in the mid of 1930s when Imi Lichtenfeld (who developed it) had to find a way to protect himself and his family from the nazi brutality that spread all around in his Bratislava homeland. Krav Maga, above all else, is clear that it is a useful technique for self-defense.

Krav Maga is not just about showing you practical ways to take an opponent down, but it is more about the defense. Through nature, Krav Maga is a way that helps you to protect yourself efficiently, not a way to harm anyone. But this is an effective way to disarm anyone.

Myth 3: Krav Maga is Dangerous to Practice

It’s one of the leading myths that prevent people from learning Krav Maga. To them, practicing Krav Maga is injurious as they don’t want to learn it on the condition in which they have to break their bones.

At the same time, if you are serious about practicing Krav Maga, then you will require to learn some of its essential steps that are necessary to learn. Getting minor injuries while exercising is common in all the fights if you are serious about learning Krav Maga.

Then you will have to exercise some of the most important things. We must say, learning Krav Maga isn’t an injury, but it is danger-free. So if you have real aspirations that you want to learn Krav Maga, you should go for it.

Is Krav Maga effective?

Krav Maga is useful in some particular situations. In certain street fights, where you are alone and only single in front of the attacker’s group, Krav Maga can bear out to be a lifesaver for you. Similarly, if you suddenly have to confront any criminal or a thief, Krav Maga is exceptionally useful for such situations.

Krav Maga is very helpful in self-defense, chiefly for short people. Many people who don’t have the strength or endurance can practice Krav Maga as an alternative. These are all the advantages of Krav Maga. Apart from this, this technique has some other benefits too.

Does Krav Maga have belts?

Krav Maga is the Israeli Defense official fighting system. While the Krav Maga is instrumental, it takes a long and rigorous training to learn it. In many institutions, a ranking system after providing Krav Maga belt is used to recognize students’ success when they make their way through preparation and determine who is at what stage or rank. 

That’s not always the case, though. ILikepractitioners or professionals, many areas do not use any belts to indicate their performance and experience.

Why should you get trained in Krav Maga?

Krav Maga, as described above, is influenced by Judo. Judo was the first martial art to rate its students, from novice to professionals, using belts’ system. Modern Judo, though, used only two colors: black and white. Yet they introduced more colors with time.

Krav Maga has therefore since adopted this Western Judo form and now utilizes seven belts and three key divisions in general;

  • White Belt: for Practitioner level 1
  • Yellow Belt: for Practitioner Level 2 and Level 3
  • Orange Belt: for Practitioner Level 4 and Level 5
  • Green Belt: for Practitioner Level 6 and Graduate Level 1
  • Blue Belt: for Graduate Level 2 and Level 3
  • Brown Belt: for Graduate Level 4 and Level 5
  • Black Belt: for Expert Level 1 to Level 5

There is also a rank above Expert defined as the rank of the Master. Very few have reached this stage, including the individuals who have devoted their entire lives to participate or select Krav Maga as their future.

Main principles of Krav Maga

Krav Maga is always practiced with an objective “to keep one safe.” But there are no rules in violent situations. You can do anything that could protect you so that you don’t get hurt. The first step is to take preventive measures. It would help if you were better attentive through your eyes and ears, through which you can protect yourself from reaching a danger zone.

If no option is left despite the fighting, then follow these principles and go for it:

  • Hit your opponent’s weak points — the body’s weak points, including throat, eyes, nose. So even the most hardened person couldn’t dare to stand before you. Attacks on these spots will have a significant effect, and muscle or fat will not obstruct them.
  • Krav Maga is all about reacting quickly and forcefully. Also, in Krav Maga, a lot of mental work is essential. Attacks must be fast and robust; otherwise, the impact wouldn’t be forceful.
  • The more we practice, the more experience and strength we gain. Occasionally, we have to confront unusual or unfavorable circumstances. Therefore, techniques are taught in their ideal form with the best promising response to a specified situation.
  • Practicing techniques on a one-time basis is never enough. There is a distinction between what your brain understands and how your body reacts. For instance, our body memorizes better than our mind.
  • In Krav Maga, you can choose your best moves, since it adjusts to your skills. A heavy person can emphasize fist fighting; a short person can take advantage of his quickness.
  • The Krav Maga is a continually changing collection of strategies. Since Krav Maga is real, street-based self-defense, we can find a better and fastest way to respond to a fight through it. In all the ways, Krav Maga provides you with the best available solution in violent situations.

Main training methods in Krav Maga

The following are some of the powerful training methods used in Krav maga that every faithful follower needs to learn. On the base of these methods, you get to know various strategies to perform a strong move.


Fighting stance or self-protection stance lets a fighter move his feet quickly and complete fighting strikes with full power. This position will serve as natural protection against the attack.


Krav Maga training begins with a passive or neutral stance. This Stance belongs to the ideal body position: arms down, legs aren’t in the correct places, and the footing is not perfect. This posture describes that you are not alert about the occurrence of an attack.


A lot of fighters take the power of straight punches too lightly. But in reality, a well-executed sharp punching to the nose, neck, or jaw can ground some sorts of damages to your adversary. In Krav Maga, punching is measured as an impactful initial offense.

To do this, start with a fighting stance. Then, use your front arm, perform a straight punch, revolve your front foot, and straightly pull out your arm while horizontally turning your fist.


Hitting the balls is an excellent fighting technique. Also, it is usually done by performing the thrust knee or groin kick move. The groin is a susceptible part of the body and is the hardest part to protect.

The groin kick is a dominant technique in Krav Maga. Groin kick is performed using the arched portion of the foot (located between the ankle and toes), slightly leaning backward, and pushing the hips forward.


Elbow strikes an essential part that you need to learn in Krav Maga. Through this, you can quickly hit your opponent in several directions, for instance, horizontally and forward and elbow behind. Along with the torso, rotating the feet’ balls is essential to execute a potent elbow strike.


Especially if the attacker is beside you, stepping sidekick is a practical move to keep them aside. You can easily do this by transferring your weight on the leg and simultaneously crossing the leg to your opponent’s direction.

End with a kick through your heel while slightly rotating your hips. However, this is a powerful move to use when you aim to hit your opponent’s knee, shin, or abdomen.


Just like a punch, the Palm strike occupies the same body movements. However, to hit your attacker, rather than utilizing a clenched fist, it is required to exercise the muscular part of the hand’s bottom, which situates near your wrist.


Krav Maga merely has one defense method, the 360 blocking. However, most of the martial arts engross diverse defense techniques depending ahead on your attack’s angle. This move is performed by blocking your opponent’s strike using your forearm with the correct body pose. In a fight, you can’t recognize your opponent’s exact target; consequently, the 360 blocking comes up as the powerful defense method to defend your body.


Front Choke defense is a severe attack. It cannot only strangle your opponent, struck him on the ground, or push him against a wall. You have to lift your arm & twist the body at a 180-degree angle to perform this. Trap your attacker’s arm while you twist your body, and instantly free yourself and execute the power moves.

How to get started with Krav Maga?

It is a bit complicated and profound for those who are not so familiar with this self-defense system. Krav Maga can be practiced by anyone regardless of his or her age, level, and fitness. Along with its practical and straightforward principles and tactics, you can be ready to face off your real-life battles. To become a successful Krav Maga practitioner, you don’t require being an expert from battlefields. Instead, to get started, you must follow the points.

  • You must have a strong dedication and a pure mindset.
  • For better learning of Krav Maga, you need to engage your body with your mind completely.
  • You can start by learning with the principle and techniques, watching videos, and study books.
  • You can ask others for tips, what they are doing, you can follow them.
  • Stop overthinking and only adopt good training habits.

Krav Maga techniques

While there are many of Krav Maga’s training techniques and tactics that are quite effective, just based on these methods, a new person can quickly become a Master of krav maga. The following are some of the techniques to become proficient in becoming the Master of Krav Maga to train a person.

  • Kicks
  • Knee Strikes
  • Punches
  • Elbow Strikes
  • Grappling
  • Krav Maga St

Krav Maga Stances: also known as Passive Stance, Fighting Stance

Krav Maga Punches & Strikes: Cross Body Punch, Uppercut Punch, Straight Punch, Hook Punch, Elbow Strike, Eye Strike, Hammer Fist, Headbutt, Inside Chop, Outside Chop, Palm Heel Strike, etc.

Defenses Against Punches: Defense Against Uppercut Punch, Defense Against Hook Punch Defense Against Straight Punch, Defense Against Punches When Mounted.

Krav Maga Kicks: Front Kick, Back Kick, Axe Kick, Vertical Front Kick, Advancing Front Kick, Heel Kick, Round Kick, Side Kick, Slap Kick, Spinning Heel Kick, etc.

Defenses Against Kicks: Defense Against A Front Kick Defense Against Round Kick, Defense Against High Round Kicks, Defense Against Side Kick, Defense Against Spinning Heel Kick, etc.

Krav Maga Knee Strikes: It includes Knee Strike (Round or Horizontal or Vertical), Defense against a Knee Strike, etc.

Further, other techniques can also be counted that are saliently used in Krav Maga. Based on these techniques, one becomes entirely proficient in bringing into action the moves of Karv Maga.

Krav Maga in the Israeli army

After Israel was founded in 1948, the military felt a need for a system to defend them. Therefore, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) developed their fighting and self-defense system known as Krav Maga, which the Israel forces practiced. Krav Maga is often seen as an Israeli martial art, but it features self-defense because it avoids traditional martial arts.

 It exercises techniques that belong to wrestling, boxing, jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, and many others. It is used by the IDF’s special force units, which have shaped some of the most elite soldiers in the world.

Is Krav Maga legit?

Using Krav Maga moves are not legit since the Krav Maga moves are considered to be very impactful. Through these moves, one can easily break down an individual. The Krav Maga isn’t allowed using publicly is just like in other sports of fighting, rules and regulations are considered of primary importance.

But Krav Maga is entirely rules-free, and in this, only quick moves and mind and body balance are considered. However, if you are in a troubling situation and no option is left despite the fight, you can use this. In whatever the way you can defeat your enemy, you say it through your move.

Where to learn Krav Maga (USA, India)

Whether you belong from the USA or India, if you are genuinely interested in practicing Krav Maga, remember some essential points. If you are truly dedicated to learning it, always get trained by an expert and professional of Krav Maga.

As there are a lot of institutions, you can quickly get training from one of the best. But before joining any, take some classes and later begin. In this way, you will get an idea of what institute will be an ideal choice for learning Krav Maga.

Where to get Krav Maga classes? (USA, India)

With the rising of criminalism in our society, it has become essential to learn some fighting techniques. Therefore, we don’t think any other method will provide you with a prominent defense than Krav Maga.

However, the classes of Krav Maga very differently from institution to institution. Therefore, for any information, whether it is about fee structure or timing, consult the nearest Krav Maga institution.


What does Krav Maga mean?

The name Krav Maga in Hebrew is pronounced as “contact combat.” Krav’s root word is known as “combat,” whereas Maga is known as “contact.” 

Is Krav Maga a martial art?

No, Krav Maga isn’t a martial art at all. Indeed it is a self-defense system that is either adapted or acquired technique from martial arts. However, it never allows any rules and regulations. Whereas in other sports of fighting, you will get to know to follow some essential rules. But in Krav Maga, nothing is like that; you will have to keep a point in mind ‘protect yourself at any cost and in any way and without any injury, return home.’

What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga is a defensive system developed in Israel and derived from an arrangement of techniques you can see in boxing, aikido, wrestling, Judo, Karate, and training used in the real fight.

Does Krav Maga work?

Yes, no doubt that Krav Maga does work, and the real proof we can get to see that it has been in use in Israel force for a long time. It utilizes special techniques and methods that are also considered dirty fighting (knees to the groin, head butts, elbows to the face, eye gouges). Krav Maga’s core philosophy is ‘easily come out from a battling situation without any injury.’

Does Krav Maga have belts?

Yes, Krav Maga also has belts provided according to the ranking system, which is similarly offered in Judo and Karate. Because of this ranking system, students learn every technique and achieve the next rank. The belts’ colors are also identical, like martial arts, such as a white, yellow, orange, green, blue, and black belt.

What is Krav Maga martial art?

Krav maga has adapted some techniques from martial arts, whether it is about belt or ranking system. You will see a few things identical to the martial arts as Krav Maga combines entire battling techniques, such as boxing, Judo, wrestling, and martial arts. So Krav Maga is often said with Krav Maga martial arts.

Where did Krav Maga belong to?

The origin of Krav Maga belongs to Israel; it developed to provide something to the military forces of Israel that could shield them. Therefore, Krav Maga was brought in use as a defensive system taught to survive in stressful situations.

Why is Krav Maga the best?

Krav Maga is the best, and you can believe in it with the fact that it is beyond any limitations. It is not essential whether you are male or female, short or tall, age, etc. Your dedication and substantial intention matter. Suppose you are a working woman and have to return home in late-night or face some battling situations. Then in such cases, this effective defense system will work best for you.

How many Krav Maga black belts are there?

The belts ranking system of Krav Maga begins from Practitioner Level 1, which is White Belt, after that for the Practitioner Level 2 and Level 3, there’s Yellow Belt. Similarly, for four and Level 5, Orange Belt for six, and Graduate Level 1, the Green Belt is provided.

In sequence, the Graduate Level 2 and Level 3 are provided Blue Belt, and at the same for Graduate Level 4 and Level 5, there’s Brown Belt, and finally, for the Expert Level 1 to Level 5, there’s a Black Belt, which is challenging to gain. There are quite a few achievers who achieved this belt.

Is Krav Maga useful?

Krav Maga is extremely helpful as it is one of the most potent fighting style, tremendously useful and mainly designed to neutralize adversary in the street fight of real life, initially by avoidance and then by the physical defense. Krav Maga provides additional strength to an individual.

Therefore, if you also want to become proficient and easily face any battling situation, you should practice it. No doubt, whether you are a girl or boy, Krav Maga is an optimum training that makes you fearless.

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