where is the dead sea located

Where is the Dead Sea located?

The Dead Sea is one of the most prominent lakes in Western Asia. Dead sea history extends back to centuries. The Dead sea is one of the prominent saltwater lakes in the world. People tend to float on the Dead sea.

Jordan borders the Dead Sea on the East and Israel on the west. This saltwater lake is located around the Jordan Rift Valley, with the Jordan River being one of its main tributaries. It is a hypersaline endorheic lake.

One of the main things to know about the Dead Sea is that it isn’t a sea but a lake. Unlike seas, which are usually connected to the ocean, the Dead Sea is not connected to the ocean but is a landlocked lake. Since it is landlocked, water evaporates at a significant rate leaving behind huge amounts of salt.

The Dead Sea is located around Southwestern Asia. According to the reports, it is situated around Judea’s hills to the west and Transjordanian plateaus on the east.

It is in Southern Israel and shares its border with Jordan. Since it is situated somewhere within the deserts, the dead sea is far from human civilization. Jerusalem is the nearest main city around the Dead Sea and is only at a driving distance of one hour from the Dead Sea region.

Dead Sea on the Map

The Dead Sea acts as a separation for Arabian and Sinai plates. It is often regarded as the lowest point of Earth, which is gradually subsiding. The Dead Sea basin is an active plate boundary that acts as a connection between the Red Sea and Turkey. It was formed during the late Cenozoic era by the continuous breakdown of Arabian and African continental plates.

The basin, to this date, has slip fault scarps across the longitudinal intravaginal faults. The cracks are deep and shallow subsiding marginal blocks. During the arid periods across the Dead Sea, the basin became divided into parts. It became the home to lacustrine sediments. The dead sea basin is also home to carbonate sediments.

Towards the north of the Dead Sea, there’s Qumran, while on the South, there’s Safi. The Dead Sea also has the Lisan peninsula across the Sodom region.

The Dead Sea has a length of 50 kilometers with a width of 15 kilometers. Owing to all the facts related to the geographical location and other characteristics, the Dead Sea attracts numerous tourists around the years. People from the Mediterranean Basin region prefer reaching out to experts across the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea has a depth of 306 meters, which is often marked on the map.

Drone view of the Dead Sea shores

It is said that the Dead Sea is receding at a very gradual rate. The basin countries of the Dead Sea, as per the map, include Israel, Jordan, and Palestine. As per the satellite images, the Dead Sea is located to the east of the Mediterranean Sea. Being one of the prominent saltwater lakes, the Dead Sea has a surface elevation of -1412ft.

According to the Dead Sea history, this lake was formed some two million years ago in the land between Rift Valley and the Mediterranean Sea. The water level in the Mediterranean Sea increased to such an extent that it couldn’t flood the area any longer. Hence, the deep lagoon eventually turned into a landlocked lake. In the prehistoric era, this Sedom Lake was called Lake Amora, which eventually became Lake Lisan. However, this area finally came to be known as the Dead Sea because of its unique features.

There have been several theories regarding the formation of the Dead Sea. According to an old hypothesis, the Dead Sea lies in the Red Sea Rift and the Great Rift Valley of Eastern Africa. However, according to the new hypothesis, the Dead Sea formation results from ‘step-over’ discontinuity in the Dead Sea Transform region, acting as an extension of crust with subsequent results.

What is strange about the Dead Sea location?

The asphalt discharge is often considered to be a strange feature of the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea has deep seeps formed due to the breaking down of small pebbles and blocks of the black substance deposits in the Dead Sea.

Around these deep seeps, the archaeologists have found bitumen coated Neolithic skills and asphalt coated figurines. The Dead Sea region is a great source of asphalt. Hence, the archaeologists have used the asphalt to import it to Egypt for the mummification process. The Deep Sea is located across the Jordan and Israel region.

Another fascinating fact about the Dead Sea is that it is often hailed as the saltiest lake on Earth, but it is not. It is only 30 percent saline, making it one of the many hypersaline lakes with the same salinity amount. The Don Juan Pond of Antarctica, with a salinity level of 40 percent, is the saltiest lake on Earth. As per the latest measurements, the Dead Sea salinity is only 34 percent.

The Dead Sea shores are home to salt-covered rocks, but it is not enough. The waters of the Dead Sea have asphalt floating on it.

Map of where the Dead Sea is located

There has been a constant debate regarding the formation of the Dead Sea. Some claim that the hypersaline lake was formed two million years ago, while some claim that the lake was formed three million years ago.

The huge amount of Dead Sea minerals are a result of the lake’s formation. The Dead Sea’s map reflects its location, but it also has some religious aspects. The hypersaline lake is in proximity to the Sodom region.

According to the Bible text, the region’s people around the Dead City and Sodom region were immoral and evil. God, hence decided to punish the people of Sodom by destroying everything. Hence, He created the Dead Sea. Not many people know, but the Dead Sea is considered to be the symbol of destruction. 

What city is the Dead Sea in?

As per the map, the Dead Sea is located to the east of the Mediterranean Sea in the Southwestern Asian region or in other words, the location of the Dead Sea is in the Middle East.

The Dead Sea acts as a division or rather a border between Jordan and Israel. Although it is relatively close to Jerusalem, Arad, and Beer Sheva, the Dead Sea does not belong to any city. It is just 15 miles to the east of Jerusalem, one of the nearest cities to the Dead Sea basin.

Why is the Dead Sea good for?

The Dead Sea is one of those hypersaline or saltwater lakes with water flowing into it but never out of it. The black minerals found on the bed of the Dead Sea are actually helpful for one’s skin. It can be applied topically to nourish and enhance the skin quality.

For the presence of such a huge amount of minerals, the Dead Sea is often considered a center or haven for healing. The mud obtained from the bed is used for making several beauty products.

The high atmospheric pressure and low energy count contribute to such rich quality of the Dead Sea region’s mud. Compared to other regions, the Dead Sea is the lowest water body on Earth with slightly higher oxygen content than sea level. Hence, the Dead Sea opens you to a breath of fresh air. Lying on the shores of the Dead Sea and soaking up the sunshine will make you feel rejuvenated.

The eastern shore of the Dead Sea borders Jordan while the western shore borders Israel. 

dead sea is located in which two countries

Why is the Dead Sea called the Dead Sea?

One of the major reasons why the Dead Sea is called is that no organism can survive due to the high salinity. The Dead Sea saline content prevents all aquatic beings, such as fishes and plants, from surviving. In the Dead Sea, only microscopic organisms such as bacteria and microbial fungi can survive.

Dead Sea floating is one of the most common scenarios observed in this region. It attracts several tourists from across the world because people float on it. No one can drown in the Dead Sea because of its salt content. Even if you dive into the Dead Sea, you won’t drown in it but rather float in it. It appears as if dead bodies are floating on the lake.

Hence, the two reasons why the Dead sea is called so include

  • No aquatic organisms can survive in it.
  • The floating humans appear as floating dead bodies.

The Dead Sea hotels are pretty inexpensive, and tourists have a comfortable stay here.


The region around the Dead Sea has a breath of fresh air around it. If you’re looking forward to a potential vacation destination that will not only nourish you but also bring forth several unseen experiences, then the Dead Sea is just the place to be. The fascinating features of the place will surely take you by surprise.

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